Two Doses of COVID Vaccine May Increase Risk of Long COVID Symptoms

“It’s not scientific to say it’s an ‘observational paradox.’ If they [the authors] want to conclude … there’s a proven consensus truth that vaccination lowers the risk of long COVID, then yes, that is a paradox.”

FLCCC Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Pierre Kory, was quoted in a recent article in The Defender, reviewing the peer-reviewed study, ‘Characteristics and predictors of Long COVID among diagnosed cases of COVID-19.’

When it came to discussing the link between two doses of COVID-19 vaccination and the development of long COVID symptoms, the study authors called it an “observational paradox” and cited research that contradicted what their data showed.

Dr. Pierre Kory told The Defender he wasn’t surprised the researchers found a link between two vaccine doses and long COVID — and he also wasn’t surprised the authors downplayed the finding.

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