Dr. Kory Joins 'Stay Free' with Russell Brand

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On Thursday, February 22, 2024 Dr. Pierre Kory was a guest on ‘Stay Free,’ the podcast by comedian Russell Brand. This conversation delves deeply into several critical issues surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic, how it was handled, how the medical community responded to alternative treatments, and the broader implications of pharmaceutical influence on public health policies. Overall, Dr. Kory emphasizes the urgent need for a more open and honest discourse in medical science and public health.

Here’s an overview of the discussion:

  • Excess Deaths and Insurance Industry Observations: Dr. Kory starts by highlighting the alarming rate of excess deaths, particularly among younger demographics, which insurance companies have been forced to respond to by adjusting their premiums. This unprecedented increase in deaths, especially noticeable from 2021 and correlating with the enforcement of vaccine mandates, provides a stark data point that Dr. Kory uses to question the safety and efficacy of the COVID-19 vaccines.
  • Censorship and the Role of Pharmaceutical Companies: The conversation touches on the significant influence pharmaceutical companies have on public health policies and the dissemination of health-related information. Dr. Kory discusses his experience with censorship and misinformation, particularly relating to his advocacy for ivermectin as a treatment for COVID-19, which faced widespread suppression despite evidence supporting its efficacy.
  • The War on Ivermectin and Other Treatments: Dr. Kory details his struggles and the broader resistance faced when promoting ivermectin and other low-cost, repurposed drugs as effective treatments for COVID-19. He describes a concerted effort to suppress and distort evidence of efficacy for such treatments, driven by financial interests and a preference for more profitable pharmaceutical solutions. He shares his personal journey, including the professional repercussions he faced for his outspoken views, as well as having scientific papers retracted, and being labeled as a fringe or radical figure by mainstream media and medical institutions.
  • The Disinformation Playbook: Dr. Kory introduces the concept of the “Disinformation Playbook,” a strategy long used by industries to discredit inconvenient science through manipulation of research, public opinion, and policy. He discusses how this playbook has been employed to undermine treatments like ivermectin and to control the narrative around COVID-19 and its treatment.
  • Impact on Public Trust and Health Care: Dr. Kory argues that the actions of pharmaceutical companies and the censorship of alternative COVID-19 treatments have eroded public trust in science and health care institutions. He highlights the growing skepticism among the public towards health authorities and the potential long-term consequences of this breakdown in trust.
  • Looking Forward: Despite the challenges, Dr. Kory expresses optimism about the growing awareness among people regarding the corruption and influence within the pharmaceutical industry and public health policy. He advocates for a new approach to health care, emphasizing transparency, integrity, and the exploration of effective treatments outside the mainstream pharmaceutical paradigm.