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Real-Life Stories

This pandemic isn’t about data, molecules, mandates, or masks. It’s about people – like you – who feel the direct impact of COVID-19. Your stories are powerful. They change hearts and minds, and they can save lives. Watch others tell their stories below, then share yours by sending an email to [email protected]. Whether you’re a doctor or a nurse, a carpenter or a computer scientist, a Mom or a Grandpa… your story matters. You remind us the battle is worth fighting.

Ivermectin Vs. Stage 4 Cancer

February 20, 2024|

Paul had total of ten radiation treatments to my right sacrum, two radiation treatments to my sternum, one radiation treatment to my left scapula, and then six rounds of chemotherapy. His oncologist said his cancer wasn’t curative. Then he met Dr. Ruddy. Watch his hopeful MyStory from FLCCC's 3rd Educational Conference.

“It’s a Miracle Drug”

February 2, 2024|

When her dad, who was on far too many medications with MANY comorbidities contracted COVID while he was in the hospital, from a fall, the family refused Remdesivir. What they did do will make you smile.

“By Day Five Her Hearing Was Back”

January 2, 2024|

Christy and her husband got COVID. Fortunately, she had ivermectin on hand because she had ordered online from overseas. They both got through COVID fine, but then Christy lost her hearing in her right ear. Watch her unusual ivermectin story now.