Make A Donation

Dear Friends,

Thank you for considering our request for donations—funds that we need urgently to help us reach physicians throughout the world who are on the front lines of caring for patients with COVID19. Our message is critical: People are dying from COVID19, and the MATH+ Early Intervention Treatment Protocol developed by our Critical Care physicians is saving lives wherever it is being implemented.

The challenges we face as a working group are mighty. We are referring not only to the virus itself, of course, but of the efforts we must aggressively mount to engage as many critical care and emergency physicians as we can—and implore them to employ MATH+ immediately. The task is daunting because many doctors have been taught that the use of two key components of the MATH+ protocol —corticosteroids and Vitamin C—should not be used to battle Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome (ARDS). But COVID19 patients who present to emergency rooms with difficulty breathing are being treated as if they had ARDS—when in fact,  ARDS in COVID19 is atypical ARDS, and must be treated with a protocol targeted just for COVID19. That protocol is MATH+.

So now you can see why our work is so urgent. We are pleased to inform you that the Pharmacology Policy Institute (PPI), a fully tax exempt 501(c)(3) charitable organization(not affiliated with the pharmaceutical industry), has stepped forward to assist us in raising the necessary funds to support our work. PPI supports research, and works side by side with health experts to develop  public policy strategies to prevent, treat and eradicate global public health threats. PPI was inspired by the medical practice of Howard Kornfeld, M.D. and the Recovery Without Walls program. We are honored to to partner with PPI in their prioritized efforts to advance and support these projects, which now urgently includes the care, treatment and recovery of the COVID-19 patient.

Many thanks for your generous support for our life-saving work. It is deeply appreciated.

The Physicians of the Frontline COVID19 Critical Care Working Group