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Norepinephrine, Glymphatic System and Brain Health

During the wakeful hours, the production of norepinephrine increases. This increase helps with alertness, but also causes vasoconstriction. The outcome is a reduction in the interstitial fluid levels and reduction in the clearance of waste products. During sleep, NE levels reduce, reversing the above mentioned mechanisms, leading to more interstitial fluid movement and more glymphatic clearance of the waste products and better brain health.

March 24, 2023|FLCCC Blog|

Alzheimer’s, Sleep Disturbance and Brain Health

In ‘The Sleeping Brain’ article, the authors suggest that sleep disturbance causes reduced removal of the waste products from the brain, leading to the accumulation of beta amyloids - which in turn is observed in Alzheimer's disease. Studies present an association between APOE4 and sleep disturbance. Additionally APOE4 is linked to sleep disturbance before the onset of Alzheimer's symptoms. Additionally, it is thought that APOE directly leads to beta amyloid metabolism disturbance. And, finally, it is thought that stress-related proteolytic cleavage of APOE4 leads to accumulation of tau proteins. Let's review the evidence.

March 17, 2023|FLCCC Blog|

COVID-19 Vaccines and Children

Welcome to the first episode of Kid’s Corner with Dr. Liz! In this series, Dr. Elizabeth Mumper, board-certified pediatrician with more than 40 years of experience, joins us to discuss COVID-19 and children. In this first lecture, Dr. Mumper discusses COVID-19 vaccines and why she does not recommend it for children.

March 15, 2023|FLCCC Blog|

“Pharmacy Fridges are Full of Vaccines. People Aren’t Having It Anymore”—The FLCCC News Capsule for March 12, 2023

“There has been systematic suppression of data showing that these vaccines are neither safe nor effective. The data shows they do not reduce transmission, and the vaccinated are even more likely to get COVID. Any mandate that ignores natural immunity is absurd. There is no rationale for this. 33% of people who received the vaccine have had adverse events. These mandates are killing Americans.”

March 12, 2023|FLCCC Blog|

Sleep and Brain Health

The N3 phase of sleep is characterized by delta waves, also called slow wave sleep (SWS). This is the most restorative phase, marked by an increase in the glymphatic convection in the brain leading to clearance of the waste products.

March 10, 2023|FLCCC Blog|

“The Pushing of these Experimental Vaccines Globally is the Greatest Violation of Medical Ethics in History”—The FLCCC News Capsule for March 5, 2023

In the study, Dr. Thorp and his co-authors compared the COVID-9 vaccine Adverse Events (AEs) over 18 months to the influenza vaccine which has been available over 282 months. They used VAERS data — which is compiled by the government — and adhered to the FDA and CDC’s danger threshold of “two-fold or greater” increases in AEs in citing safety signals in the data.

March 5, 2023|FLCCC Blog|

Intermittent Fasting and Brain Health

Intermittent fasting causes production of beta hydroxybutarate, which in turn helps improve the glymphatic flow of fluids in the brain. This in turn leads to a better clearance of waste products from the brain, helping to improve the cognitive state, memory, and potentially stall the progress of dementia.

March 3, 2023|FLCCC Blog|


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