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Sleep and Brain Health

The N3 phase of sleep is characterized by delta waves, also called slow wave sleep (SWS). This is the most restorative phase, marked by an increase in the glymphatic convection in the brain leading to clearance of the waste products.

March 10, 2023|FLCCC Blog|

“The Pushing of these Experimental Vaccines Globally is the Greatest Violation of Medical Ethics in History”—The FLCCC News Capsule for March 5, 2023

In the study, Dr. Thorp and his co-authors compared the COVID-9 vaccine Adverse Events (AEs) over 18 months to the influenza vaccine which has been available over 282 months. They used VAERS data — which is compiled by the government — and adhered to the FDA and CDC’s danger threshold of “two-fold or greater” increases in AEs in citing safety signals in the data.

March 5, 2023|FLCCC Blog|

Intermittent Fasting and Brain Health

Intermittent fasting causes production of beta hydroxybutarate, which in turn helps improve the glymphatic flow of fluids in the brain. This in turn leads to a better clearance of waste products from the brain, helping to improve the cognitive state, memory, and potentially stall the progress of dementia.

March 3, 2023|FLCCC Blog|

Let’s not get Fooled Again

The COVID messaging came in early, hot — and most of all — in stereo: “This virus is deadly. Masks, social distancing, and quarantining are critical to stemming the spread. Herd immunity will be our salvation. The only way to achieve that is to lock everyone in their homes and wait for safe-and-effective vaccines to save us. Fortunately, pharma is on it!”

February 18, 2023|FLCCC Blog|

Metabolic Syndrome Defined

Metabolic Syndrome is the starting topic in the second in a series of lectures on the incredible Chinese herbal medicine, berberine. This episode of 'Long Story Short' comes to us from the February 8, 2023 FLCCC Weekly Webinar with Dr. Mobeen Syed (Dr. Been) and Dr. Paul Marik.

February 17, 2023|FLCCC Blog|


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