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Dr. Pierre Kory on Tucker Carlson: “The Data is Screaming”

Published On: March 14, 2024|
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Click here to watch the complete interview on X.

Why are young and healthy people dying at an alarming rate? That was just one of many questions FLCCC Alliance Co-Founder Dr. Pierre Kory explored with Tucker Carlson this week.

For those already following The FLCCC Alliance, you’ll know that the topic of plummeting life expectancy has been hot on our lips for some time. It took a while, but mainstream media outlets are finally warming up to the fact that our medical system is severely flawed.

Dr. Kory and Tucker covered a lot of ground, shining a bright light on topics many would have dismissed as conspiracy not long ago. Spreading awareness on vital health-related issues is the mandate of FLCCC, one that Dr. Kory takes very seriously judging by his recent appearances and published articles.

In addition to interviews like this on Tucker and his recent talk with Russell Brand, Dr. Kory has been published in The Hill (twice in the last few months, but who’s counting?) and, along with FLCCC co-founder Dr. Paul Marik, is a monthly contributor to The National Desk with Jan Jeffcoat.

In all of those appearances, Dr. Kory tells the story of his clinical experience treating “long vax” patients. If the vaccines are truly safe and effective, why is our collective health at an all-time low? It’s a question that FLCCC is dedicated to answering.

If you’ve just joined us after watching Dr. Kory’s interview on Tucker, welcome! We’d like to invite you to stay a while longer, enjoy some of our free resources, and learn how to get involved:

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