Treatment Protocol

We have tweaked the protocol based on the best emerging data; however our core philosophy and approach have not changed.  Some have asked why our initial protocol included hydroxychloroquine, the anti-viral drug that was widely touted as a cure for the COVID-19 disease that is caused by the virus.  Almost all ER and ICU physicians tried it before a study published in the New England Journal of Medicine showed it to have no effect on mortality in patients with severe cases of the disease.  Our FLCCC Working Group currently believes that, if hydroxychloroquine proves to have any benefit, it will most likely be in the earliest stage of infection, while the virus replicates and the patient is still at home, before breathing difficulties or low oxygen levels necessitate a trip to the hospital.

Our MATH+ protocol is designed for use in hospitals, to counter the body’s overwhelming inflammatory response to the virus.  It is this hyper-inflammation, not the virus itself, that damages the lungs and other organs, and ultimately kills. We have found the MATH+ protocol to be the most effective way to bring down this extreme inflammatory response.  The steroid Methylprednisolone is key.  Many studies (see Resources) have now proved its effectiveness, which is made more potent when administered intravenously with high doses of the antioxidant Ascorbic acid (Vitamin C).  We added Thiamine (Vitamin B1) as it helps protect the heart and boost the immune system.  The anticoagulant Heparin is important for preventing and breaking up blood clots that have appeared in advanced cases.  The sign indicates that doctors may want to add to the formula for patients who present with different pre-existing conditions.  It also notes that we will continue to tweak the formula as new data emerges.

Know, however, that timing is critical in curing COVID-19. Patients must go to the hospital as soon as they experience difficulty breathing or have a low oxygen level. The MATH+ protocol must be administered within 6 hours of the patient’s arrival in the hospital in order to work.  If administered in time, this formula of FDA-approved, safe, inexpensive, and readily available drugs, can eliminate the need for ICU beds and mechanical ventilators, and put patients back on the road to good health.

MATH+ Treatment Protocol