From A to Zinc: the FLCCC Nutrient Guide was designed to help educate and empower people to understand the essential nutrients our bodies need to operate at their optimum capacity. It lists what the nutrients are used for, what happens when the body is deficient, and food sources or supplements to take to replenish the body of these critical elements.

It is written by Kristina Carman, a registered nutritional therapist, naturopathic doctor, functional medicine practitioner, and health coach. Kristina aims for her practice to be a wellness destination offering approachable, sustainable, accessible advice and support when it comes to a patient’s natural health and movement. She is passionate about food, nutrition, and lifestyle as medicine, and has a real “leave no stone unturned” approach with her patients.

Other recommendations in this guide were collected from a range of trusted healthcare professionals, including members of the FLCCC Nurses group. We thank everyone for their input in making this guide possible.

Learn more about our nutrient guide with this introduction video.