• Published On: July 12, 2023

    Dr. Pierre Kory and special guest Dr. Kat Lindley talk about how the trauma of the past few years has affected them personally, how the Global Health Project hopes to help, and where to begin in rebuilding the patient-doctor relationship.

  • Published On: January 23, 2023

    A new committee has real promise to deliver answers on the government’s mishandling of the pandemic response. House Republicans have a chance to use their newly won authority to restore the balance of power in Washington. Various committees will investigate mistakes and unethical decisions made by the Biden administration over the past two years.

  • Published On: October 26, 2022

    The consequences of California’s new law criminalizing doctors are just beginning to take shape. But rest assured, they will be vast — and have a greater impact on the practice of medicine than many realize.