Here we are in May 2022. We made it through the “winter of death.” The springtime birds are singing, the sun is shining and we’re feeling hopeful… So let’s briefly take stock of how things are looking, shall we?

1)    The FLCCC and CDC found something to agree on

It took a while. A lot longer than any of us thought it would, in fact. And although it wasn’t how we imagined it might go, and certainly not how we suggested, the Centers for Disease Control recently came to a bold conclusion — one the FLCCC has been championing all along: “Early treatment works.”

Let’s be clear and completely transparent. The CDC didn’t recommend FLCCC protocols, nor are the treatments they recommend ones that FLCCC endorses.

Still, we agreed on something: COVID is treatable. Let’s take our wins where we can.

2)    States are starting to push back

Legislatures in 30 states – 60% of the country — have now proposed bills either putting limits on the authority of health boards to punish doctors who promote alternative treatments, or explicitly enabling the promotion of those treatments.

As Drs. Kory and Marik say, the federal public health agencies have been captured by Big Pharma, so our only hope is in individual states fighting back. And state legislators will only do that if they hear the voice of the people — i.e., you!

Let’s have a look at some recent advances:

This doesn’t mean you can roll right into a pharmacy in Nashville or Nashua and grab some ivermectin off the shelf just yet, but after two years of a near-daily struggle just to be allowed to treat COVID, these are small victories.  Thanks to the dedication, sacrifice and hard work of many people around this country, change is beginning to manifest — slowly but surely.

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3)    Mainstream media are inventing new reasons why ivermectin works

Wendy Zukerman hosts a podcast called ‘Science Vs’ and she recently devoted an episode to what she calls “the wild and bizarre tale of … ivermectin.”

Of the 82 studies from around the world that have now looked at IVM and COVID, Zukerman focused on just two – the now discredited Elgazzar paper and the recently released and highly suspicious TOGETHER trial.