Authors: Arslan B, Ergun NU, Topuz S, Semerci SY, Suner N.

DOI: 10.2139/ssrn.3682517


Background: While waiting for vaccine, hygiene measures, social distance and personal protective equipment are the only basic protection against Novel Coronavirus. However, these are not sufficient to protect healthcare workers.This study aimed to evaluate if quercetin and vitamin C could be protective against Novel Coronavirus.

Methods: In prophylaxis group supplementation containing 500mg of quercetin, 500mg of vitamin C and 50mg of bromelain (QCB) was initiated daily in 2 divided doses for 71 healthcare workers working in areas with high risk of COVID-19, whereas 42 were determined as control group without using supplements.A maximum period of follow-up was determined as 120 days.Termination of use of QCB earlier or having a Coronavirus infection was considered as final point.At the end rapid diagnostic test used to detect immunoglobulin positivity.

Results: A total of 113 persons included. No significant difference detected between groups in terms of other features.Mean age of QCB group was 39.0 ± 8.8 years and control group was 32.9 ± 8.7.Average follow-up period for the QCB group was 113 days, and for the control group, 118, during follow-up period, 1 healthcare worker in QCB group and 9 out of 42 in control group had COVID-19.One of cases was asymptomatic, while others were not.Transmission risk hazard ratio whose did not receive QCB was 12.04 (95% Confidence interval= 1.26-115.06, P = 0.031).No significant effect of gender, smoking, antihypertensive medication exposure and having chronic disease on rate of transmission.

Conclusion: This study revealed that QCB was protective for healthcare workers.

Keywords: COVID-19, healthcare workers, prophylaxis, quercetin, vitamin C