MATH+ Hospital Treatment Protocol


MATH+ Protocol – Downloads & Translations

This page contains the MATH+ Hospital Treatment Protocol for Covid-19, for use by professionals, with detailed guidance on the timing of initiation along with the suggested initial doses and durations of each component medication. The protocol document is available for download in multiple languages – see links below.

Please also see our new I-MASK+ Prophylaxis & Early Outpatient Treatment Protocol for COVID-19.

This is not a medical advice, but a recommendation for use by professional physicians. Please consult with your doctor, share the information on this website with her/him, and listen to her/him. Please also attend our disclaimer!

  • Please check this page regularly for updates. The dosings in our protocols may be updated as further scientific studies emerge.
  • We have updated our MATH+ Protocol, but have not translated the update into other languages yet. The main change was the addition of ivermectin as a core medication. Please check the English version for the correct ivermectin dosage for now. Translations following soon!
  • Current MATH+ protocol: version 8 from Jan 12, 2021. Please note that the translations are outdated regarding the ivermectin dosing. Updated translations will follow by the end of January 2021.

MATH+ Hospital Treatment Protocol for COVID-19