Side effects have been reported by thousands following the COVID-19 vaccine. Join us to uncover the symptoms & impact of Long Vax Syndrome.

Decoding Long Vax Syndrome Symptoms

Long Vax is real. Not long ago, that would’ve been a controversial statement.

Here at the FLCCC Alliance, we’ve seen the effects of Long Vax firsthand. As a group, our doctors have helped thousands of people fight it. To help the cause, our researchers have examined dozens of studies showing COVID vaccine harm.

Led by our founders, Dr. Pierre Kory and Dr. Paul Marik, we’ve been pushing for better recognition and treatment of this complex condition (and the patients dealing with it) since Long Vax emerged in 2021. It’s been a long journey, but Long Vax is finally getting the attention it deserves.

As you can imagine, we have a lot to say on the matter! So, if you want to learn about Long Vax symptoms and what to do about them, you’ve come to the right place.

Table of Contents:

  1. Understanding Long Vax / COVID Symptoms
  2. Long Vax Similarities to Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
  3. What to Ask Your Doctor About Long Vax
  4. Top Treatments For Symptoms of Long Vax

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1. Understanding Long Vax / COVID Symptoms

If you’ve been sick from COVID and never fully recovered, you may have wondered, “how long do COVID symptoms last?” Yet for those who experience Long Vax, the widespread belief in COVID shots as “safe and effective” often muddies the link between their prolonged symptoms and the vaccination.

Part of the problem is that the National Institutes of Health (NIH) and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) insist that adverse events from COVID shots are rare. They say this in spite of data from the CDC-managed Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) showing the COVID shots may be the deadliest on record.

When the guidance from our health institutions is this flawed, it’s no surprise that Long Vax patients have had a tough time. Those who suspect they have suffered Long Vax symptoms have been routinely gaslit by their doctors.

It was this upside-down medical climate that pushed FLCCC’s Dr. Kory to start his own private practice focused on Long COVID and Long Vax patients, a story he details on his Substack: Medical Musings.

Long Vax and Long COVID are “Literally the Same Thing”

Despite all the barriers, a small group of doctors and scientists continue to treat and research Long Vax. It’s now thought that Long Vax and Long COVID are very similar illnesses. As Dr. Kory puts it:

“Long Vax – it’s literally the same thing as Long COVID, except it develops right after the vaccine. And the only difference between Long Vax and Long COVID is that Long Vax on average is more severe – my Long Vax patients are on average sicker than my Long COVID patients. And the other difference is, with Long COVID some have persistent pulmonary involvement from their acute illness. But otherwise they are the same illness.”

So what are those symptoms of Long COVID and Long Vax? There are several clusters of potential symptoms, with each patient presenting differently than the next. These include:

  1. Respiratory: Shortness of breath, congestion, persistent cough.
  2. Neurological/psychiatric: Brain fog, malaise, tiredness, headaches, migraines, depression, difficulty focusing, altered cognition, insomnia, vertigo, panic attacks, tinnitus, anosmia, phantom smells.
  3. Musculoskeletal: Myalgias, fatigue, weakness, joint pains, inability to exercise, post-exertional malaise, inability to perform routine activities.
  4. Cardiovascular: Palpitations, arrhythmias, Raynaud-like syndrome, hypotension, and tachycardia on exertion.
  5. Autonomic: Postural tachycardia syndrome (POTs), abnormal sweating.
  6. Gastrointestinal disturbance: Anorexia, diarrhea, bloating, vomiting, nausea.
  7. Dermatologic: Itching, rashes, dermatographia.
  8. Mucus membranes: Running nose, sneezing, burning and itchy eyes.

2. Long Vax Similarities to Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Long Vax and Long COVID are virtually the same, but that’s not where the overlap ends. It turns out they are both very similar to another illness: Chronic Fatigue Syndrome/Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (CFS/ME).

According to Dr. Kory:

“The constellation of symptoms that we see with Long COVID is essentially the same as Chronic Fatigue Syndrome/Myalgic Encephalomyelitis.”

One notable difference is that with Long COVID, patients tend to improve on their own, albeit slowly in most cases. This is not the case with Long Vax or CFS/ME.

For a quick primer on the link between Long Vax and CFS/ME, check out this podcast episode with Pierre Kory and Meg Ellefson:

Dr. Kory says his Long Vax and Long COVID patients come to him complaining about three core symptoms that are commonly found in CFS/ME as well:

  • Fatigue: Persistent fatigue that is new, debilitating exertional intolerance, no energy to do anything, feeling best when they are lying down or in bed.
  • Post Exertional Malaise: When patients try to exert themselves, their fatigue ramps up, and the other symptoms they suffer from will flare up.
  • Brain Fog: Some cognitive deficit, ranging from word-finding difficulty, short-term memory problems, forgetting tasks, trouble with concentration and focus, and in rare cases delusion and disorientation.

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