FLCCC News Capsule 2-18-24

With scientific evidence mounting daily, there can be little left to argue about when it comes to the reality of shedding caused by the mRNA injections. One of the only issues left to ponder is why the FDA won’t say what it KNOWS is true.

Recently, Dr. Pierre Kory, president and chief medical officer of the FLCCC, sat down with American Thought Leaders host Jan Jekielek to discuss shedding —and why the FDA seems to have lost its voice on all it knows about the ability of mRNA injections to cause shedding and the ill effects that result for so many.

“We embarked on a global vaccination campaign with a gene therapy, which is in a category of therapeutics which is known to shed,” said Dr. Kory. “And the FDA knows [shedding] is real.”

Dr. Kory went on to explain. “There is an FDA definition of a gene therapy in their document on shedding from 2015. That document states that gene therapy is when you inject genetic material and that material then produces a product. Clearly, that is what these [mRNA] vaccines are,” Dr. Kory noted. “However, no shedding studies have been done on these gene therapies. But looking at the market for gene therapies, I have evidence on at least four products that are out there. In the product inserts of each one, they note that the product will shed.”

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FLCCC News Capsule 3 2-18-24

On this week’s FLCCC Weekly Webinar, host Betsy Ashton welcomed Dr. Paul Marik, Dr. Pierre Kory, and special guest, Dr. Angus Dalgleish – a preeminent Professor of Medicine in Oncology at St. George’s, University of London – for an astonishing discussion on ‘Cancer in the Post-COVID Era’.

The far-reaching, illuminating and sometimes disturbing conversation included Dr. Dalgleish’s observation of the unexpected rise in cancer relapses in the post-COVID era in his patients who were previously in remission. Within his patient population, the only commonality between them was that they all had taken an mRNA booster shot. Additionally, Dr. Dalgleish discussed the recent increase in new cancers—particularly in younger people, many of whom were diagnosed with colorectal cancer.

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