FLCCC News Capsule 1-21-24

COVID exposed many problems in the healthcare system. The cracks were showing before COVID, but now they could not be more exposed.

So…how do we begin to repair our broken medical system?

That’s one of the big questions we’re raising with the FLCCC Army in attendance at our upcoming FLCCC Conference in Phoenix, Arizona on February 2-4, 2024.

Fixing our broken healthcare system must be approached with the urgency it requires—and it is the subject of a panel discussion segment at our wide-ranging educational conference — welcoming both providers and patients. The panel discussion will be led by FLCCC founders Dr. Pierre Kory, Dr. Paul Marik, along with FLCCC board member Dr. Chris Martenson and Mary Holland, president of Children’s Health Defense.

Here are some of the key healthcare issues they’ll be emphasizing:

  • Problem 1: Repurposed Drugs are Being Suppressed
  • Problem 2: Public Health Institutions Approve & Promote Unsafe Products
  • Problem 3: The Medical Narrative Has Been Corrupted
  • Problem 4: Medical Journals Have Been Infiltrated
  • Problem 5: There is an Underemphasis on Preventative Care

“It’s really a conference of empowerment, inspiration, and like-minded people getting together. That’s the premise of the meeting. It’s not a protest meeting. It’s what we can do to be proactive, to improve the healthcare of our patients,” said Dr. Paul Marik, Chief Scientific Officer of the FLCCC.

“We’re really looking for solutions,” added Dr. Pierre Kory, FLCCC Chief Medical Officer.

→ What Healthcare Professionals Will Experience: Together we’ll explore the science behind complex conditions like long COVID, long vax, cancer, and other chronic diseases, and discuss the many treatment and prevention options that exist. Through lectures, case studies, and discussions, you’ll learn from leading experts in a variety of fields, including neurology, oncology, integrative medicine, and more.

→ What Patients and Health Enthusiasts Will Experience: Gather with like-minded people from across the world, learn from leading medical experts and health freedom advocates, meet healthcare professionals, and take charge of your health and well-being!


🌵Come join us this February to be part of the solution! WE ARE NEARLY SOLD OUT…so act now! We can’t wait to see you there!🌵

FLCCC News Capsule #2 1-21-24

In an absolutely astounding, data-driven essay on Substack, our Dr. Pierre Kory and investigative journalist/author Mary Beth Pfeiffer set out to answer the question of why maternal deaths across the USA rose sharply in 2021.

“Coinciding with the Delta wave and advisories for pregnant women to get vaccinated, maternal Covid Deaths rose 321 percent from 2020 to 2021 while all Covid deaths rose 20 percent,” wrote Kory and Pfeiffer, who worked with a programmer and an actuary to analyze the CDC’s 2021 maternal mortality report. “[In the report], of the 1,205 mothers who died in or within forty-two days of pregnancy in 2021, 429 had Covid-19 on the death certificate as either the primary or a contributing cause—a 321 percent increase in Covid pregnancy deaths from the first wave in 2020. By comparison, total Covid deaths in the United States rose a relatively modest 20 percent—one-fifteenth as much as in pregnant women.

“Yet, as of November 3, 2023, the CDC was still advising women that ‘Studies including hundreds of thousands of people around the world show that COVID-19 vaccination before and during pregnancy is safe, effective, and beneficial to both the pregnant person and the baby.’”

These maternal mortality cases — and other alarming data pointing to excess deaths and disability rolls due to COVID and the vaccines—have yet to be seriously investigated by government health agencies. Don’t you think the data is trying to tell us something?

What a despicable cover-up.

FLCCC News Capsule #3 1-21-24