Fight Back Friday!

  • Fight Back Friday!

    Posted by Karen_flccc on February 9, 2024 at 3:07 pm EST

    Welcome to our Fight Back Friday discussion!

    Our goal for these posts is to share:

    — big news items of the week to inspire and movitate the FLCCC Army fighting back against this corrupted medical machine

    — identify things our Community can do to help amplify the work Dr. Kory, Dr. Marik and others are doing

    — identify actions we can take to promote medical freedom, solid science and fight back against censorship and the corrupt medical machine

    I’ll kick us off with a few items from the news this week — please chime in with more items & ideas.

    *** This morning, Governor Ron DeSantis Hosted a Roundtable Discussion Highlighting First COVID Grand Jury Report

    *** Dr. Malone and Jan Jekielek (Epoch Times) have launched a new weekly show called FALLOUT. They are including an outrageous headlines segment — let’s give them our best!

    From the Tweet: “Hello world! – Robert Malone and Jan Jekielek here – We’ve decided that our new weekly show FALLOUT (airing Fridays at 9:00 PM EST) will include a recurring segment called “Who Hacked the Headlines,” where we’ll be taking submissions from YOU, our dear viewers & followers. In the comments below (or in the comments section on EpochTV), send us the most outrageous, absurd, bizarre, or eye-rolling news headlines you come across. Please keep them fairly recent, from within the last month. You can even send us Babylon Bee headlines you may think are prophecies!

    Can’t wait to hear from you”

    Here is the one that I submitted (and yes it’s real): “”Man Who Identifies as a Muslim Woman Files Legal Claim to Retrieve His Testicles”

    *** Dr. Mary Talley Bowden continues to lead the drive to identify elected officials and candidates who are willing to state publicly that the COVID shots must be pulled off the market.

    “Feb 6, 2024 We now have 117 elected officials, 113 candidates and 1 Surgeon General from 39 states publicly stating the COVID shots must be pulled off the market. Many are also pledging not to take donations from Big Pharma. Over 17,000 physicians stand behind them. States with the most elected representatives: New Hampshire (24) Texas (23) Kentucky (11) State with the most candidates running for office: Texas (44)
    Newest Adds:
    Rep Thomas Beach @thomasbeac SC HD10

    Pamela Reid Precinct Chair Kaufman County TX

    Matthew Lucci
    @MatthewLucciTX candidate US House

    To see full list:

    –> TAKE ACTION — Help identify candidates and elected officials who are willing to demand the shots be pulled off the market and get them added to the list. Ask your representatives to sign the pledge:

    —> TAKE ACTION Donate to the Americans for Health Freedom PAC. From Dr. Mary Talley Bowden “We’re handling the hard part. Can you chip in $5 to help? The candidates calling for the COVID shots to be pulled off the market are grassroots, rejecting Big Pharma money and doing the courageous and politically risky thing by putting their name on our list.” (

    *** International Crisis Summit — Friday Feb 23rd
    The International Covid Summit has been renamed as the International Crisis Summit and will be streamed live from DC on Friday Feb 23rd.

    —> TAKE ACTION — Share Dr. Malone’s post announcing the summit in your social circles. There is an amazing line-up of speakers and hopefully this may red pill some of our friends and family!

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