THIS IS A BRAZEN ACT OF COWARDICE.—The FLCCC News Capsule for January 28, 2024

FLCCC News Capsule 1-28-24

There is no other way to describe Friday’s action by the Ohio State Senate Health Committee to pull House Bill 73 (HB73)—a bill which passed the Ohio House of Representatives last year with bipartisan support.


HB73 was a crucial bill that protected doctors when prescribing repurposed medications based on their knowledge and training and the necessity of practicing medicine without improper interference of state agencies following politically driven edicts.

Let’s be clear. Repurposed drugs are FDA-approved drugs that are commonly prescribed by providers for conditions other than those for which they were originally developed. For example, Viagra was originally conceived by Pfizer to treat hypertension and angina. Now it is most commonly used to treat erectile dysfunction.

“Many of the intrusive policies made during the pandemic did nothing to protect public health while they degraded the practice of medicine by restricting patient access to lifesaving treatments,” said Dr. Paul Marik in a public statement from the FLCCC. “These policies will remain if the Ohio Senate does not have the courage to lead the nation and take immediate action to pass HB73.”

Now ask yourself: Why would a legislative health committee NOT rush to ensure that providers have the clinical freedom to prescribe FDA-approved medical treatments that could save their patients’ lives? Who is pulling their strings? Any GUE$$E$?

💊 Watch Dr. Marik’s testimony last April in support of HB73 during a meeting of the Ohio State Health Committee.

💊 The FLCCC is mounting a full-blown healthcare revolution.

💊 Oh, and just in case you were wondering…Senator Stephen A. Huffman is chair of the health committee. (Well, whaddaya know…there is contact info on his official page…)

FLCCC News Capsule 2 1-28-24

“This is a profit driven system. Where is the profit in understanding that breast cancer is caused by a virus—like cervical cancer is caused by HPV? Where is the profit in taking breast cancer off the table?”— Dr. Kathleen Ruddy

Breast cancer expert and founder and president of Breast Health and Healing, Dr. Kathleen Ruddy, joined Dr. Paul Marik and host Betsy Ashton on this week’s FLCCC Weekly Webinar for an important discussion on ‘Cancer and Repurposed Drugs’.

Dr. Ruddy explained to viewers that she researched published science that contained strong medical evidence—dating from 1937 to the present — indicating that breast cancer is caused by a virus. This was a jaw-dropping program for viewers (including physicians) — many of whom had never known of the existence of a breast cancer virus.

Dr. Ruddy will also be a speaker at next week’s FLCCC Conference in Phoenix, ‘Healthcare Revolution: Restoring the Doctor-Patient Relationship’, where she will be on a panel with Dr. Marik and Dr. Nathan Goodyear to discuss ‘Cancer: Practical Solutions‘.

Read and download Dr. Paul Marik’s ‘Cancer Care: The Role of Repurposed Drugs and Metabolic Interventions in Treating Cancer’.

FLCCC News Capsule 3 1-28-24

“We’re witnessing a humanitarian catastrophe caused by these vaccines. When you look at the actuarial data and see who died, it was actually the healthiest and most employed, most educated Americans dying at rates never seen outside of war time.” — Dr. Pierre Kory

Our Dr. Kory appeared on The Jimmy Dore Show this week to discuss the exponential rise in unexpected deaths. “People are dying at staggering rates, and life expectancy has dropped from age 79 to age 76 since 2021, ” said Dr. Kory. “In Canada, the number one cause of death is listed as ‘unknown’.”

Meanwhile, health “experts” say they are baffled by the decline in life expectancy and the decline of overall good health. Dr. Kory mused during the interview, “Hmmm…I wonder what could have caused this decline starting in 2021?”


FLCCC News Capsule 4 1-28-24