COVID-19 Protocols

Translations of selected files

Below please find translations of FLCCC Prevention & Treatment Protocols for COVID-19; translated into 23 commonly spoken languages covering more than 6 billion speakers.

As of April 22, 2022, all protocol translations are being updated and will be available as soon as possible.

Here you find a selection of our documents:

Please check our homepage www.flccc.net regularly for updates of our COVID-19 Protocols! – New medications may be added and/or dose changes to existing medications may be made as further scientific studies emerge.

If in doubt, please note that the English versions of our protocols are always the most current versions. It may happen that updating the translations takes some time.

We do not take any responsibility for improper use of our treatment suggestions. Please consult your doctor and note our disclaimer on flccc.net/about/disclaimer/