COVID-19 Protocols

I-PREVENT: COVID Protection Protocol


Recent data suggest that therapies like ivermectin, melatonin, naso-oropharyngeal hygiene, quercetin, and Vitamin C may play an important role in helping prevent COVID-19.

The I-PREVENT protocol consists of inexpensive, safe, and widely available medications. Use these therapeutics in conjunction with an overall strategy that includes common sense public health actions like washing your hands, avoiding crowded gatherings, getting adequate ventilation, and other measures.

I-PREVENT can be used for both chronic (ongoing) prevention as well as to avoid getting sick after you may have been exposed to the virus. Chronic prevention is especially recommended for healthcare workers, and for high-risk individuals such as those over 60 years old with comorbidities, people who are morbidly obese, and residents of long-term care facilities. Follow the post-exposure prevention instructions if a household member is COVID-positive or if you have had prolonged exposure to the virus or a COVID-positive patient but you have not developed symptoms.

At the onset of any flu-like symptoms, please refer to the I-CARE Early COVID Treatment Protocol.

For additional information on COVID prevention, the rationale behind these medications, and other optional treatments, see A Guide to the Prevention of COVID-19.

Please do not consider these protocols as personal medical advice, but as a recommendation for use by professional providers. Consult with your doctor, share the information on this website and discuss with her/him. Please review our  Disclaimers.

I-PREVENT: COVID Protection Protocol

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