All About Vitamin D

We’ve all heard about vitamin D, but how much do we really know? In this episode of Whole Body Health, Dr. JP Saleeby is here to answer all your questions about vitamin D, like how our bodies handle it and why it’s crucial for our health. We’ll cover how you can boost your vitamin D levels, the difference between its active and inactive forms, and the right amount you should take. Plus, we’ll talk about safety, looking into any concerns about taking too much. Stay tuned as we make sense of vitamin D’s big role in keeping us healthy. Don’t miss out as we break down the facts, risks, and everything you need to know about vitamin D!

FACT: Spending 30 minutes in the midday sun can give a fair-skinned person as much vitamin D as taking 10 – 20,000 IUs in a supplement. But, if you have darker skin, you might need up to six times more sun to get the same effect.

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