Our own Dr. Paul Marik has written a new, landmark monograph, ‘Cancer Care: The Role of Repurposed Drugs and Metabolic Interventions in Treating Cancer’. The purpose of this document is to provide a well-researched review of the published literature on treating cancer, sharing vital information that picks up where traditional cancer therapies leave off. Providers caring for cancer patients can use this information to think creatively about readily available interventions, with published science to back up their efficacy. The goal? To help improve patient outcomes.

On Wednesday, June 28, 2023 at 7PM ET, Dr. Marik—along with our own Dr. Mobeen Syed— will present the first comprehensive review of the monograph live, during the FLCCC Weekly Webinar. Following the presentation, both Dr. Marik and Dr. Been will answer viewer questions.
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A couple of days ago, I asked Dr. Marik—the most highly published critical care medicine physician in the nation (and second in the world)—why he spent hundreds upon hundreds of hours and several months researching and writing this compendium when he himself is not an oncologist. This is his memorable answer—rooted, as always, in his humanitarianism:

“Many oncologists don’t want anything to do with this because it threatens their income. If you understand something that interferes with your income you are not going to understand it at all.

“What I was able to do—as I have done in 30-40% of the hundreds of peer-reviewed papers I have published — was to objectively investigate and analyze the circulated literature. What I discovered is that cancers can be divided into three groups. The first group consists of the few cancers that can be cured with chemotherapy. In the second group are cancers that can be treated but not cured with chemotherapy — but which, to some degree, can prolong life. The third group of cancers are those for which chemotherapy has little benefit to prolong life or to produce a decent quality of life. The vast majority of cancers fall into this third group. They are not cured by chemotherapy.

“The good news is that repurposed drugs (including nutraceuticals and FDA-approved drugs) have an enormous role in preventing cancer and in treating all forms of cancer. As the cancer becomes less controllable, you want it to become more curable and you can do that with repurposed drugs. This monograph will help patients and their doctors become empowered to make the best treatment decisions possible— together. It makes sense to incorporate this personalized approach based on the type of cancer the patient is fighting.”

Then, at the end of our conversation, Dr. Marik said this: “So if you ask me why an oncologist has not yet written a similar monograph to include these promising repurposed drugs and other proven interventions, it’s because it would bankrupt the medical establishment if we annihilated cancer. So I guess you could say that I am a status quo disrupter.”

And that is precisely why I—and scores of others around the world—love Dr. Paul Marik. He saw that the status quo in the treatment of cancer was not working. So he set out to try and fix it. Again, in the name of humanity — which drives everything he does. —JK

You can find his document on our website and download it HERE.

We are excited to announce that Ohio House Bill 73 (HB73)— which aims to protect the rights of doctors to prescribe repurposed medications to patients — has passed The Ohio House of Representatives with bipartisan support! It now goes to The Ohio Senate for deliberations and will hopefully be signed into law by Governor Mike DeWine.

Our own Dr. Paul Marik testified earlier this year in support of HB73. Said Dr. Marik:

“Allowing for baseless restrictions on prescribing repurposed medications is basically telling doctors that we need to take our orders from inexperienced bureaucrats instead of making treatment decisions based on our training and expertise.”

A copy of Dr. Marik’s testimony can be found HERE.

The video of Dr. Marik’s testimony is HERE.