Many healthcare providers have not been trained to identify and treat signs and symptoms of vaccine reactions. In fact, a lot of healthcare providers send patients home without a diagnosis and these patients are silently suffering. This guide will help identify the most common symptoms and help you find treatment and support if you think you need it. If you are unsure, make an appointment with a telehealth provider to help rule out illness.

Signs and symptoms of illness from the vaccines may include:

Heart problems such as:
• myocarditis
• irregular heart beat
• bleeding or blood clots
• high blood pressure

Nerve problems such as:
• Bell’s palsy
• strokes or stroke symptoms
• weakness and/or spasms
• brain fog

Systemic problems such as:
• rashes, allergic reactions
• autoimmune diseases/weak immune system
• sudden onset of cancers
• herpes or shingles
• hair loss and rashes

If you have some of these symptoms and are concerned you may be suffering from a vaccine injury, watch this video to learn more or visit our protocols online at

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React19: A science-based non-profit organization offering financial, physical, and emotional support for those suffering from longterm Covid-19 vaccine adverse events globally.


Their mission is to bring healing to families and loved ones who are facing life-altering side effects from their Covid-19 vaccine. They build bridges between patients and research institutions in order to develop a better understanding of vaccine complications. React19 also offers resources for help finding financial resources for treatment.


To provide truthful, balanced, medically sound, research-based information and cutting edge updates on prevention and treatment of common medical conditions, including COVID-19 and other infectious diseases, that affect health, quality of life and longevity.

To present faith-based integrated approaches to medical treatment, health and healing services that encompass all dimensions making us human: physical, psychological/emotional, spiritual, social and environmental.

To advocate and provide legal defense of basic human and civil rights related to preservation of life, the right to bodily integrity, health and quality of life, medical freedom, and securing the autonomy of the doctor-patient relationship and the ability to engage in unconstrained professional medical decision-making tailored to the needs of the individual person. Truth for Health Foundation offers medical-legal , financial, and treatment resources for people and including military personnel.


They believe it is your right to request a reasonable accommodation, in lieu of forced vaccinations, to maintain your bodily autonomy under the Americans with Disabilities Act or a faith-based reasonable accommodation under Title VII of the Civil Rights Act.

They are a group of airline employees who are legally challenging their employer’s decision to place them on unpaid leave, in essence, terminate them, as a form of reasonable accommodation. They believe the right to worship as they see fit is their choice.

They believe all medical decisions should be made by the individual, in consultation with their doctor, not their employer. They have an opportunity to return their nation to its intended flight path.


Their mission is to end childhood health epidemics by working aggressively to eliminate harmful exposures, hold those responsible accountable, and to establish safeguards to prevent future harm. The Children’s Health Defense legal team not only promotes children’s health, but they protect their rights through various legal strategies. They also try to inspire, educate, engage and empower community members to get involved and become advocates.


The VSRF’s mission is to advance COVID-19 vaccine safety through scientific research, public education, and advocacy, and to support the vaccine injured. They present the most up-to-date and relevant information on COVID-19 and public health policies, free from corporate press, agenda-driven narratives, and sponsorships with conflict of interest. They encourage questions and an open dialogue of transparency on any medical and scientific information presented. Please see their latest vaccine data.


The World Council for Health is a non-profit initiative for the people, that is informed and funded by the people. Their global coalition of health-focused initiatives and civil society groups seeks to broaden public health knowledge and sense-making through science and shared wisdom. They are dedicated to safeguarding human rights and free will while empowering people to take control of their health and wellbeing. They have resource guides on COVID-19 treatment, long COVID, and vaccine reaction. There is a better way and they are committed to creating it together with you! Please see their Covid-19 Vaccine Pharmacovigilance Report.

Disclaimer: This video is not intended to provide assessment, diagnosis, treatment, or medical advice; it also does not constitute provision of healthcare services. The content provided in this video is for informational and educational purposes only. Please consult with a physician or healthcare professional regarding any medical or mental health related diagnosis or treatment. No information in this video should ever be considered as a substitute for advice from a healthcare professional.