Authors: Al-Jassim KB, Jawad AA, Al-Masoudi EA, Majeed SK


The objective of this study was to assess the effects of repeated administration of ivermectin alone or with the combination of Vitamin C on kidney function and histopathological effects on kidney and lung of rabbits. Total of 48 mature female rabbits were used in this study. The rabbits were divided into eight groups of equal number (6). The 1 st group was administered 0.9% Nacl which considers as control. The 2 nd , 3 rd , and 4 th groups were administered (0.5mg, 1mg, and 2mg/Kg B.W Ivermectin) respectively. While the 5 th group was administered 50mg/Kg B.W vitamin C only. The 6 th , 7 th , and 8 th groups were given 50mg/Kg vitamin C in combination with Ivermectin (0.5mg, 1mg, and 2mg/Kg B.W) respectively. The ivermectin therapy was given S/C weekly, while the vitamin C was given daily and orally. The treatment in all groups were prolonged for 8 weeks. The results showed significant increase (P˂ 0.05) in uric acid level in the 4 th group. Also the level of urea and blood urea nitrogen were revealed significant decrease (P˂ 0.05) in 7 th group. While the creatinine level clarified significant increase (P˂ 0.05) in the 3 rd and 8 th groups as compared with control group.

Keywords: Ivermectin, Vitamin C, Kidney

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