Authors: Nicolson GL, Rosenblatt S, de Mattos GF, Settineri R, Breeding PC, Ash ME

PMID: 32309576 PMCID: PMC6941554 DOI: 10.15190/d.2016.1


Membrane Lipid Replacement is the use of functional oral supplements containing cell membrane glycerolphospholipids and antioxidants to safely replace damaged membrane lipids that accumulate during aging and in various chronic and acute diseases. Most if not all clinical conditions and aging are characterized by membrane phospholipid oxidative damage, resulting in loss of membrane and cellular function. Clinical trials have shown the benefits of Membrane Lipid Replacement supplements in replenishing damaged membrane lipids and restoring mitochondrial function, resulting in reductions in fatigue in aged subjects and patients with a variety of clinical diagnoses. Recent observations have indicated that Membrane Lipid Replacement can be a useful natural supplement strategy in a variety of conditions: chronic fatigue, such as found in many diseases and disorders; fatiguing illnesses (fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome); chronic infections (Lyme disease and mycoplasmal infections); cardiovascular diseases; obesity, metabolic syndrome and diabetes; neurodegenerative diseases (Alzheimer’s disease); neurobehavioral diseases (autism spectrum disorders); fertility diseases; chemical contamination (Gulf War illnesses); and cancers (breast, colorectal and other cancers). Membrane Lipid Replacement provides general membrane nutritional support during aging and illness to improve membrane function and overall health without risk of adverse effects.

Keywords: Membrane phospholipids; aging; cancer; cardiovascular diseases; chemical contamination; chronic diseases; chronic infections; clinical trials; diabetes; fatigue; fertility; lipid oxidation; metabolic diseases; metabolic syndrome; mitochondrial function; neurobehavioral diseases; neurodegenerative diseases; obesity.