Gavin Newsom is still mum on whether he’ll sign a bill put on his desk by the state legislature last month that would criminalize doctors for spreading “misinformation”. The deadline to sign is this Friday, September 30, and the clock is ticking.

Writing in the Daily Caller, Dr. Paul Marik adds to the chorus of voices calling on Newsom to send this bill to the ash heap of history (where it belongs):

“The bill, AB 2098, is sitting on Newsom’s desk after passing out of the supermajority Democratic-controlled California legislature. If enacted, doctors who deviate from the preferred party line would find their livelihood in the hands of faceless bureaucrats at the Medical Board of California. Exact punishment could include, “license suspension or revocation could be involved.”

Think about that a second: a doctor who advises a patient on a course of action different than a COVID vaccine could find themselves out of work. Meanwhile, the CEO of Pfizer, recipient of four separate vaccines and his company’s Paxlovid antiviral treatment, announced he had tested positive for the illness again – for the second time in two months.

Even deep blue California is ready to put COVID in the rear-view mirror once and for all. The New York Times acknowledged the “quiet rollout” of the latest booster shot “may be an acknowledgment of how many people have moved on from the pandemic.” State health officials lifted vaccine and testing mandates for schoolteachers, claiming, “vaccination rates are high and testing the few unvaccinated workers isn’t effectively preventing the virus’s spread.”

If California enacts this law, other states and medical institutions will follow suit – and that would be devastating to medical freedom. FLCCC is leading a movement to uphold the right of doctors to practice medicine as they have for centuries: independently, without fear, and free of political influence, with clinical decisions based on discussion and debate with peers, and a personalized approach for each patient.

If this bill becomes law, it would remove patients’ right to informed consent by gagging doctors who discuss treatment and care options that diverge from the state mandates. With Governor Newsom considering a 2024 presidential run, he should be wary of the impact this law will have on patients around the country — and their votes.

“Before Newsom can convince voters to elect him president, he must demonstrate he can govern his own state. He must show that California is more than a breeding ground for extreme ideas. Or a place where COVID mandates apply to everyone except the governor and well-heeled donors dining at the French Laundry. Vetoing a bill that would cost doctors their jobs for speaking truth to power would be a good place to start.”

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