“Once I understood what was happening — people were dying who didn’t need to die —  I had to help.” 

With the help of others, Karen Stewart has helped others. “I spent the first year of the pandemic mostly believing the government rhetoric. I disinfected my groceries, wore a mask, social distanced, didn’t travel, etc. It wasn’t until 2021 when I really came to understand early treatment, was exposed to the FLCCC, Dr. McCullough, etc that I really understood that so much of what was happening was preventable.”

In 2021 Karen launched a channel on the social audio app Clubhouse focused on early treatment. “It was the one place in 2021 where everyone could really talk.  You were not alone and it was a place to share,” she said.

“We had a Covid Early Treatment Club where we promoted the FLCCC protocols and McCullough protocols. Physicians such as Dr. Fareed, Dr. Cole, Dr, Urso, Dr. Hazan and others would drop in and generously give their time for hours answering questions from the audience. We also had a Covid Special Events club where we streamed events like the all-day Global Covid Summits, webinars, and the FDA vaccine approval meetings. We tried to do anything we could to amplify the information from the FLCCC and other early treatment docs.”

Karen felt the urge to help and tapped into her innate ability to communicate and connect with others. With help she developed Early COVID Treatment, a Facebook group that shared FLCCC protocols and helped spread awareness that COVID-19 was treatable.

The FB group grew from the success of the Clubhouse group. It also focused on practical treatment solutions for COVID-19 at a time when the official line was “there’s no treatment.” The group quickly grew into a gathering spot to discuss the latest COVID news (as much as the censors would allow). Nearly four years on, the group still maintains a loyal and current following of more than 7,500.

From the Early COVID Treatment Facebook Group

In April 2022 Karen started The Uncensored Citizen Substack for a more in-depth platform to take on the fight.  The Substack has published, and continues to publish, interviews and analysis on everything COVID.

Karen has also hosted and co-hosted various Twitter (X) Spaces dedicated to Early COVID treatment and vaccine injury.

“We needed to give the vaccine injured a voice. I’m hoping the ripples of information will also get to those who are vaccine captured.”

Currently, Karen is working closely with developers and alpha-testers to build FLCCC’s own Communities, which is set to debut in Q1 2024. — Stay tuned!

For everything she has done and continues to do, FLCCC thanks Karen Stewart for sharing the light daily by helping others connect, grow, and heal.

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