“We’re all here for a reason,” said Dr. Pierre Kory, President of the FLCCC, as he opened the 2024 Winter Conference in Phoenix, Arizona to a sold-out crowd of nearly 600 people. (Watch the recap video HERE.)

FLCCC News Capsule 2-11-24

Dr. Paul Marik and Dr. Pierre Kory at the FLCCC’s Winter Conference in Phoenix, Arizona.

But his opening greeting on February 2, 2024 was also directed to you—right now, reading this News Capsule. You are here, engaging with us today, for a reason.

For so many, it is because you, like millions of others around the nation (and indeed throughout the world), desire a seismic shift in our fractured healthcare system that dramatically (and tragically) revealed its wholesale brokenness during the pandemic. You yearn for HONEST MEDICINE.

You want (and deserve) a healthcare system that…

💊…puts patients over profits.

💊…champions robust scientific debate.

💊…focuses on the efficacy of repurposed drugs for other diseases.

💊…empowers patients to take charge of their own healthcare.

💊…embodies shared ethical and moral values.

💊…embraces and delivers HONEST MEDICINE.

Those are the sparks for the #HealthcareRevolution that were brilliantly ignited at our winter conference.

The best way to join the #HealthcareRevolution movement (and become part of our formidable FLCCC Army) is to join our brand new FLCCC FORUMS!

We are excited to introduce a place for the FLCCC community to connect without fear of censorship.

The FLCCC Forums are trusted safe, secure places to have conversations, debates, the free exchange of ideas, build referrals and make meaningful connections! There are already nearly two dozen groups you can join in the FLCCC Forum! Many more will be on the way with your participation!

You’ll notice that by joining now, you’ll become a “BETA” participant—which means that it’s still early days for the FLCCC Forums and you’ll have an important role to play in providing FLCCC feedback which will help us enhance this new feature. During this time, we will be continuing to innovate and introduce new features and functionality.


The FLCCC Alliance is proud to announce it has partnered with renowned breast cancer physician and researcher Kathleen T. Ruddy, MD, to conduct an observational study in collaboration with five U.S. clinics to track patient responses to various adjunct cancer therapies using repurposed drugs.