FLCCC News Capsule 1 12-3-23

For those families who were denied access to alternative COVID treatments and the doctors who were punished for trying to prescribe them, will there be any justice?

Dr. Pierre Kory, speaking on Good Morning CHD, said that the death of patient Deborah Bucko in 2021 was likely due to the unwillingness of the hospital to follow through on the court-ordered administration of ivermectin. Now her husband, Scott Mantel has filed a lawsuit on her behalf against the healthcare system that was treating her.

“Ivermectin is one of the safest medicines in medical history,” said Dr. Kory, who is serving as an expert witness on the case. “The evidence for treating Ms. Bucko with IVM was overwhelming. Once Deborah started to receive the medicine, she began to improve. But then she began to decline again when the hospital slow-walked her court-ordered treatment with ivermectin. They believed that ivermectin was not supported by medical literature or treatment guidance from medical professionals. The opposite was true. IVM trials showed 70% reduction in hospitalization.

“At the very least doctors should know that if what you are doing is not working, change what you are doing. Deborah Bucko might have been saved if the prescribed course of ivermectin was administered to her.”


FLCCC News Capsule 3 12-3-23

“It’s time to call in the lawyers.” —Dr. Pierre Kory

Last week’s FLCCC Weekly Webinar brought viewers an incredibly important and illuminating discussion on lawsuits related to COVID-19.

Hear about wins, losses, and the status of major cases. Host Betsy Ashton along with Dr. Pierre Kory and Dr. Paul Marik were joined by special guest Warner Mendenhall of Mendenhall Law Group. Warner was able to impart a veritable treasure trove of information for all who have wondered what legal recourse they have against injuries sustained by the vaccines, the mandates and much, much more.

What is long COVID and where do you begin to diagnose and treat it?

Long COVID, a prolonged illness after COVID-19, may persist for months after the acute infection and affects at least 65 million individuals worldwide. A puzzling feature of long COVID is that initial disease severity is not an accurate predictor; long COVID frequently occurs in people who had mild-to-moderate COVID cases as well as in younger adults who did not require respiratory support or intensive care.

There is really only one place where you can learn more and find resources: The FLCCC’s ‘Just the (Long COVID) Facts’.

Despite the slow media response, there is a growing understanding of this very real illness.

The term “Long COVID” seems to pop-up in the mainstream news more and more each day. While major media and system medicine ignored and tiptoed around the subject of Long COVID for almost four years, FLCCC doctors were busy diligently researching the syndrome which led to the development of the highly effective I-RECOVER: Long COVID Treatment protocol —based on all of the scientific data amassed on long COVID.

Rest assured that the FLCCC is continuing to monitor, update and produce new content examining the scientific facts of long COVID.