Dan Vine and his wife Kathy share the light of independent research and hope

Empowered Patients Making A Difference

Based on the MyStory: “Your Protocol Dramatically Improved My Life”

Dan Vine and his wife, Kathy, have followed FLCCC since the beginning. They kept up with the webinars and information on the website, shared protocols with family and friends, and sourced ivermectin from India to help prevent and treat COVID.

“Most of my loved ones who took ivermectin were healed within one to two days, and one person who was very ill already was able to go back to work three days after starting the medication. It was amazing!” shares Dan.

Although they were deeply researched on alternative treatments, Dan and Kathy did believe the vaccine information initially coming out from the CDC and FDA, and each ended up taking the original two-dose regimen. 

Just eight weeks after Kathy got her second dose she had a major heart attack. She survived, but this scary incident prompted Dan to investigate and research further. He discovered how important ivermectin was in treating COVID and spike-protein related issues.

“I found our batches on howbadismybatch.com and discovered that we received some of the most toxic doses out there. We decided not to get any further COVID vaccinations, and I was determined to learn as much as I could to help both Kathy and me,” he says. 

A year and a half later, Dan began having significant chest pain and breathing problems. He went to see two different cardiologists, but neither could find anything on the angiograms or EKGs. Dan’s research led him back to the FLCCC website, where he found the Post-Vaccine Treatment guide. Following the information there, he started taking low-dose ivermectin for a couple of weeks and it worked immediately. When he increased to the recommended full dose his symptoms completely went away.

“Your protocol has dramatically improved my life and in fact, it may have saved my life,” says Dan. “I can’t thank you enough, FLCCC.”

Like Dan, patients across the world are taking ownership of their health and rejecting the old paradigms that leave them sick, rather than thriving and well. At FLCCC, we are dedicated to empowering you with the information you need to stay healthy, and growing our community of healthcare professionals and enthusiasts who want to build a better way forward.

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