It can’t be denied any longer: the COVID narrative is unraveling. Dropping vax rates, fading masks… The truth is now too big to ignore.

The COVID Narrative is failing

According to a study conducted by the Pew Research Center, Americans’ trust in scientists is now lower than before the pandemic. That’s true for both Democrats and Republicans, too.

The study reveals that only 57% of people believe science had a positive effect on society. And that’s just the latest of many clues that point to a crumbling COVID narrative.

Those familiar with the FLCCC and our dedicated team of doctors can readily identify gaps in the COVID narrative. If you’re new here, welcome! Come along as we explore the reasons behind the growing skepticism toward the mainstream COVID narrative.

Here’s How the Narrative on COVID-19 is Falling Apart

The COVID narrative is crumbling. That’s great news for our health (not to mention our mental health). Let’s run through a few of the most glaring reasons why:

  1. Long COVID Facts Are Going Mainstream
  2. Masks Have Disappeared in The Wild
  3. People Are Saying No to The Jab
  4. Travel is Back on For The Holidays

1. Long COVID Facts Are Going Mainstream

The COVID narrative cannot ignore the elephant in the room

It has taken forever, but we can finally say that Long COVID facts have hit the mainstream. As of November 2023, Long COVID has been discussed on NPR, in Newsweek, and is being discussed openly as a topic on social media platforms.

If that doesn’t seem like a big deal, consider how the 65+ million people suffering from Long COVID might feel about their illness being largely ignored. If not for organizations like FLCCC (and our dedicated Long Covid Podcast, for example), we might still be waiting for a break in the silence.

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2. Masks Have Disappeared in The Wild

Remember how community health offices around North America all fell in lockstep during the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic? They declared with confidence that practicing social distancing and wearing masks would stop the spread of COVID-19.

And we all know how well that worked… But haven’t we known for decades that reliance on masks is folly?

Face masks have been worn commonly in Asian countries since the first SARS outbreaks in 2002. Despite that, this data from a WHO funded study of the 2011 seasonal flu shows that Asian countries had almost 20% more deaths per 100,000 cases than the world average.

Data like that seems to point to the inefficacy of masks. Nevertheless, they were mandated in many Western country during the COVID-19 pandemic. And even when study after study proved they don’t work, people in the United States continued to wear masks until the mandate was ruled un-enforceable in April 2022.

We may never know why masks became the darling of public health during COVID. Whatever the rationale, it’s safe to say it was never evidence based. If you are a doctor wearing a tight fitting n95, that’s one thing. But the culture of wearing masks in every day scenarios has got to go.

And in the West, we’re happy to say that by the end of 2023, mask culture has officially kicked the bucket. The proof? Look around.

3. People Are Saying No to The Jab

Here’s one part of the COVID-19 narrative that has not aged well: the vax.

The data doesn’t lie: people are saying no to the jab. According to the CDC in November 2023, only 15% of adults and 5% of children have gotten the latest COVID-19 vaccine. The rates are even lower for medical workers at just 7.2%.

If you’ve been following us for a while, you’ll know there is little proof the vaccines do anything to prevent COVID-19 infections. To make matters worse, there is a disturbing amount of evidence of harm caused by the COVID vaccines – to the extent that this is the most deadly experiment in human history.

The COVID narrative cannot ignore harms by the vaccine

So why are people finally waking up? Maybe because:

  • The pressure campaigns were dropped.
  • The mandates have mostly ended.
  • Awareness around vaccine adverse events & health issues has skyrocketed.

For years, the “unvaccinated” were a minority group, treated like second-class citizens. To the 85% of unvaccinated adults in 2023, we say this: welcome to the club! It’s better here.

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4. Travel is Back on For The Holidays

Thanksgiving 2023 is set to be the biggest travel period in American history, with 2.9 million people flying on a single day. Doesn’t that tell us all we need to know?

In 2020, the CDC issued this holiday travel guideline: shelter in place. We’ve come a long way in just three years!

If you’ve forgotten just how stark things were “back then”, consider some of the advice on gatherings listed in this Fox News article from November 2020:

  • They said to “wear a face mask at all times you’re not eating or drinking”. 🤔
  • They said to “maintain 6 feet of distance from others whenever possible”. 🧐
  • They said to “keep the volume down”… when people sing louder, they spread more virus. 🤭
  • They said to “consider using Zoom” instead of gathering. 🤡

Looking back, I think we can all agree: that was a bit excessive.

Wrapping Up

The COVID narrative will go down as one of the most aggressive and one-sided acts of propaganda in history. But as you just read, more and more signs point to a return to normalcy. Let’s continue to be vigilant! There’s still a lot of work to do if we want to make sure we don’t go down this path again.

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