COVID-19 mRNA Vaccines and Cardiac Complications

Lecture abstract:

My presentation will discuss the cardiac complications associated with the COVID-19 vaccines. Sudden cardiac death, myocarditis, heart, and vascular system-wide coagulation issues continue to be growing concerns in the post-vaccinated patient population. I will discuss how to identify these symptoms and discuss treatment options for patients with cardiovascular issues.

About the Speaker

An NHS Trained Consultant Cardiologist, Dr. Malhotra is a world-renowned expert in the prevention, diagnosis, and management of heart disease. He is an active campaigner highlighting the harm caused by excess sugar consumption in the United Kingdom, particularly its role in type 2 diabetes and obesity. He is the youngest member to be appointed to the board of trustees of The King’s Fund, a UK health think tank that advises the government on health policy.

A frequent commentator in print and broadcast media, Dr. Malhotra has written scores of articles for publications like the BMJ, British Journal of Sports Medicine, BMJ Open Heart, JAMA Internal Medicine, Prescriber, The Pharmaceutical Journal, European Scientist, The Guardian and Observer, BBC online, Huffington Post, The Daily Mirror, Daily Mail, The Daily Telegraph and the Washington Post.

Award-Winning Cardiologist, Researcher, and
International Best-Selling Author

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