Dr. Been Shares the Light of Education

“For healthcare providers to be thinkers, we have to understand and be able to visualize mechanisms.”

The name of Dr. Mobeen Syed’s FLCCC video series, Long Story Short, is a perfect play on words and truly captures the spirit of his inspired teaching style. After all, Dr. Been, as he is affectionately called, is a beloved educator known for condensing complex medical concepts for his online students. “Long,” however, actually refers to the original intent of the series: long COVID. Since its start, more than 80 episodes have aired and the topics have expanded to vaccine injury.

Dr. Mobeen Syed

Many know Dr. Been from his YouTube channel, Drbeen Medical Lectures, now featuring 1500+ episodes and more than 600,000 subscribers. Through this series and his videos for FLCCC, he focuses on teaching his followers how—not what—to think. Dr. Been feels it is critically important to teach mechanisms. “If students thoroughly know the human body, they will have a better understanding of how to approach anomalies, no matter what the cause. For example, when someone is going through a cytokine storm, we have to understand the immune system and what kind of molecules are running around in their body and which cells are doing what actions.”

Dr. Been chooses topics for his talks based on what he is curious about and questions he receives in comments and emails. He reviews multiple studies daily and selects the best ones for presentation, diving deep into their texts to uncover key mechanisms and concepts to present to viewers. Dr. Been estimates that he has reviewed as many as 15,000 studies and presented 2,000 of them since the beginning of the pandemic.

An illustration of a cell with a sign that says 'don't feed the cells'

One of Dr. Been’s iconic illustrations from Long Story Short

A defining characteristic of his lectures are the unique illustrations he creates as a teaching tool. “I started the drawings to help students conceptualize complex material. Even medical students and doctors sometimes have problems visualizing and understanding medical information. I wanted to remove as many barriers to learning as possible.”

Dr. Been’s initial interest and skill in drawing came from his uncle, a chartered accountant by trade who dabbled in art and doodling as a hobby. Realizing art could facilitate communication during his lectures, Dr. Been then dedicated himself to learning the skill in earnest during the pandemic. To perfect his talent, he reviewed the many art books in his office and on his Kindle and took classes online. He estimates that he’s penned more than 40,000 diagrams over the past four years!

Dr. Been Shares the Light

Dr. Been meets Dr. Marik for the first time  

When asked how he originally connected with FLCCC, Dr. Been recalls, “During the height of the pandemic, I was searching the internet for COVID interventions and came across Dr. Paul Marik and his MATH+ protocol. I respected his credentials. He was highly published and well-read. I began sharing his protocol with other doctors who were practicing in hospitals, and I reviewed MATH+ in depth in my videos.

“I don’t remember how we first met, but when I finally talked to Dr. Paul Marik, I told him that he had done something wonderful. I was very excited when he accepted my invitation to come on my channel to talk about his protocol. That’s how my fandom with Dr. Paul Marik started!”

And from your fandom, Dr. Been . . . Thank you for sharing your gifts of teaching, art, and research with FLCCC audiences across the world.

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