Dr. Pierre Kory joined USA Watchdog with Greg Hunter recently to talk about the war on doctors, the American Board of Internal Medicine (ABIM)—which is trying to discredit and de-certify doctors who don’t think like they do—post-vaccine symptoms and treatment.

Said Dr. Kory:

“You can tell the population and the average Joe who have been lied to, drowning in propaganda, and censored from really accurate and appropriate guidance and data are figuring this out. You cannot hide a humanitarian catastrophe of this scale. You cannot hide it even with all the propaganda and censorship. You have young people dying everywhere for no good reason. That can no longer be ignored.”

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From laws prohibiting discriminatory practices based upon immunization status to those seeking to preserve parental rights and the ability to opt out of state vaccine registries, the great State of New Hampshire has passed 10 bills protecting individual health freedoms.

Here’s a summary, but you can read them in illuminating detail HERE.

  • HB 1466 allows medical practitioners to prescribe medicines for reasons other than their indication and would prohibit the state from punishing pharmacists for filling such prescriptions.
  • HB 1495 prohibits the state from requiring businesses to require vaccine or documentation related to vaccination or immunity status.
  • HB 1439 allows a designated family member to be present with a patient in a medical facility to serve as a patient advocate.
  • HB 1003 prohibits health care providers from refusing to provide care or services based on patient vaccination status.
  • HB 1488, prohibits schools, child care agencies, and government health agencies from discriminating against any person who is not included in the state’s immunization registry.
  • HB 1608 requires the state to inform citizens of their right to withdraw their COVID vaccination status from the state’s vaccine registry.
  • HB 1606 gives patients the choice to participate in the state’s vaccine registry.
  • HB 1280 prohibits a parent’s refusal to vaccinate a child from being used as evidence in any proceeding to terminating parental rights.
  • HB 1604 requires state hospitals and medical facilities to grant religious and medical exemptions from vaccination requirements.
  • HB 1455 prohibits state enforcement of any federal law, order, or rule that requires an individual to either provide proof of vaccination against COVID-19 or test for the virus more than once per month to keep their job or participate in any other activity.

There has been NO NEW government strategy to combat COVID-19 since the virus landed on American shores in early 2020. So the protracted war on doctors slogs on and on and on—to the detriment of patients.

From Dr. Kory’s recent Op-Ed in the Federalist:

“Consider the Food and Drug Administration’s recent decision allowing pharmacists to play doctor and prescribe Pfizer’s anti-viral treatment Paxlovid, which Biden himself, having contracted Covid-19, is now taking. The agency claims this is meant to increase access to the medicine, which must be taken as soon as symptoms arise. But the drug’s fact sheet is a tangled web of restrictions that will make it impractical for most pharmacies to take the risk.”

Read the entire essay HERE.