We wouldn’t count on it. But our fearless leader, Dr. Pierre Kory, is more optimistic.

Coronavirus has no race.

The Biden administration has announced it will finally end the COVID-19 public health emergency — in May! The order has been renewed every 90 days since January 2020, even as the disease waned and life in most places returned to normal. But the federal government needs more time to unwind the mess it created.

And so, for another four months, it will be business as usual for pharmaceutical companies, hospitals, pharmacies, and everyone else gaming the health system to keep the emergency funds rolling in.

When the sun finally does set on this dark chapter of American history, will there be an honest accounting of the mistakes made? We wouldn’t count on it. But our fearless leader, Dr. Pierre Kory, is more optimistic.

Writing in FoxNews, Dr. Kory lays out five mistakes that Jeff Zients, Biden’s newly installed White House Chief of Staff and coordinator of his disastrous coronavirus response, should admit to in order to rebuild trust with the public. Here are some highlights from the op-ed:

First, admit promises about experimental mRNA vaccines fell short. As Americans were learning how to pronounce “omicron” in December 2021, Zients delivered a dire warning from the White House briefing room…Since Zients’ declaration, the percentage of COVID fatalities among the vaccinated in the U.S. has steadily climbed…In a more recent report from the health department of New South Wales, Australia, which covered the last two weeks of December 2022, of the 1,415 hospitalized patients with known vaccination status, none were unvaccinated…

Second, acknowledge that re-purposed generic drugs should play a role in the ongoing fight against COVID… Numerous meta-analyses along with firsthand reports from clinicians around the world have found that safe, affordable medicines like ivermectin, hydroxychloroquine, and fluvoxamine (among others) reduce COVID hospitalizations and deaths…

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Third, scrap plans for annual COVID-19 vaccinations… Setting aside questions about efficacy, shocking new video footage showed a Pfizer executive discussing his company’s plans to mutate future strains of COVID that would require a new vaccine… Pfizer can deny the claims in the video all they want, but the numbers don’t lie. Analysts expect the company’s 2023 revenue to drop 26% as demand for the vaccine wanes.

Fourth, immediately remove all pandemic mandates… Healthcare workers who were fired for exercising medical freedom should be re-hired, and military service members who lost recruitment bonuses and salary should be made whole.

Finally, concede that vaccine injuries are real, and call off the merchants of doubt… I care for many people battling vaccine injuries, like Angelia Desselle. No one should be forced to endure the suffering she and so many others have gone through, only to become targets of media derision…

The House Republican majority has oversight responsibilities and subpoena authority. The Committee on Energy and Commerce has scheduled its first hearing for early February. If the executive branch is unwilling to admit past mistakes, Congress should force its hand.

You can read the whole piece here.