Every day we hear another story of a healthy teenager never waking up, an airline pilot suffering cardiac arrest, or an ultra-fit young athlete dropping dead midfield.

There were a handful of things you couldn’t (or routinely, didn’t) question before the pandemic. These included someone’s deeply held religious beliefs, your doctor’s professional opinion, the ulterior motives of published academic research, and a stranger’s medical history.

Things you could openly wonder about included unconstitutional governmental overreach, the suspicious origins of a widely circulating and allegedly deadly pathogen, the ingredients of a medical product being forced into your body, and the cause of someone’s sudden death (especially a celebrity’s).

Why Aren't We Asking Questions

COVID wiped out the old status quo like a bulldozer trampling a pile of twigs. Remember when it wasn’t merely rude but also illegal — thanks to HIPAA laws — to inquire about someone’s personal health decisions? Recall when the publication of a study in a prestigious journal like JAMA or The Lancet meant something? How about when drugs came with helpful inserts deemed essential to understanding the medicine’s safe and effective administration. Or when journalists actually included the last and most important question of the “five Ws and one H” — how? — in their reporting of an unexpected passing (or tens of thousands of them)?

To be clear, it’s not as if our modern-day Woodwards and Bernsteins even acknowledge that a certain widely mandated medication could be a contributing factor in their coverage of an otherwise untimely demise; they simply leave one very obvious option unsaid. The question just doesn’t even arise.

(RIP Matthew Perry.)

Nearly a year ago, Ed Dowd published a book called Cause Unknown: The Epidemic of Sudden Deaths in 2021 and 2022. It’s a scathing, unemotional exposé on the tragic aftermath of the COVID vaccine rollout. In the second half of 2021, Dowd reported, deaths among working-aged people (between the ages of 19 and 64 and statistically unlikely to die) spiked a staggering 40 percent from pre-pandemic averages.

Ed Dowd appearing on the FLCCC Weekly Webinar, Jan. 2023

Every day we hear another story of a healthy teenager never waking up, an airline pilot suffering cardiac arrest, or an ultra-fit young athlete dropping dead midfield.

The glaring, neon flashing, inexplicably and unforgivably unasked question is not even ‘Why is this happening?’ It’s: ‘Why aren’t journalists asking any questions?

Before you blame HIPAA, consider that those protections went straight out the window when we had to show proof of vaccination to eat at a restaurant or attend a concert.

Another explanation I’ve heard for the deafening press silence on excess deaths — and you honestly can’t make up this level of insanity — is that it’s simply not happening. The disaster-deniers think it’s not happening because the mainstream media doesn’t deem it newsworthy enough to tell you about it. In other words, if the media were corrupt and captured, we would have read about it in The New York Times.

Sure, you’ll find endless opinions about the #DiedSuddenly phenomenon on social media and other alternative sites like this one. On Twitter — sorry, X — a former top-ranked naval intelligence officer and self-described “evolutionist and ignostic atheist” who goes by the handle @EthicalSkeptic has been plumbing the depths of the data surrounding these seemingly inexplicable surplus fatalities. In a recent post, he refers to data presented by Steve Kirsch, an entrepreneur, philanthropist, multimillionaire, and founder of the COVID-19 Early Treatment Fund (CETF) and the Vaccine Safety Research Foundation (VSRF), as well as a tireless researcher and truth-seeker.  Ethical writes, “[Kirsch] has forwarded to me a statistically significant record-sample base describing deaths relative to decedents’ vaccination date. In the data, one can observe a rolling and escalating-by-number-of-shots consistent chi-square death arrival form – which unambiguously substantiates its relationship to the vaccine. This is NOT, I repeat NOT, a ‘correlation’.”

Why Aren't We Asking the Question quote

Of course, the mainstream press has been curiously uncurious. Curiously, that is, if you are able to forget for one hallucinogenic minute that nearly every news program on TV is proudly (and unscrupulously) “brought to you by Pfizer.”

Last month, my indefatigable co-author of The War on Ivermectin, Dr. Pierre Kory, actually had an opinion piece on the subject published in Newsweek. Written with award-winning journalist Mary Beth Pfeiffer and boldly titled Why Are Death and Disability Rising Among Young Americans? the column is peppered with mind-blowing statistics like this one: “In early 30-somethings, for example, mortality ran 42 percent above normal in 2021, 30 percent in 2022, and 24 percent from January to May 2023, long after the COVID emergency ended.” It’s not until the penultimate paragraph that the authors logically insist that “reports of vaccine-related injuries and deaths merit more deliberate, transparent analysis.”

You think?

Incidentally, it was the first and only time the word vaccine made an appearance in the article — and probably the only reason it made it to print in the first place.

“Nobody reads anything through to the end,” I imagine Newsweek’s nervous editors twitching as they put the piece to bed.

Maybe the dam of silence is finally seeing its first cracks. Perhaps this is the intentional “first drip;” a common newsroom tactic of slowly shifting the narrative one inch at a time (remember how gradually the so-called vaccines went from “95% effective” to “better get your next booster sooner than later?”) in the hopes that nobody will actually notice the impending tsunami.

The response, of course, will be “we did the best we could with the information we had,” a half-assed mea culpa that rings about as sincere as the kid who steals his friend’s cookie when she isn’t looking and then responds to her justifiable outrage with a mumbled, “Oh, you were going to eat that?” through crumb-covered lips.

The thing is, we had pretty solid data virtually from the get-go. We had first-hand reports of deaths and injuries on the day of vaccination. We had experts like Mike Yeadon, Geert Vanden Bossche, Robert Malone, and countless others warning of the exact carnage we are seeing today. We had VAERS numbers blowing the roof off the old, consistently consistent vaccine-injury charts. And through it all, we had public officials doubling down on their repeated pleas to “just get vaccinated.”

Call it greed. Call it willful ignorance. Call it malicious intent. Call it crimes against humanity. Call it treason. Just don’t call it a surprise.

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