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“When Governments Start Practicing Medicine, the Story Never Ends Well.” —The FLCCC News Capsule for October 9, 2022

Published On: October 9, 2022|
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The medical misinformation law just signed in California by Governor Gavin Newsom is bad policy.

Check that.

It’s HORRIFIC policy. GHASTLY even.

The new law subjects the state’s doctors to discipline, including the suspension of their medical licenses, for sharing “misinformation” or “disinformation” about COVID-19 with their patients.

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., Children’s Health Defense (CHD) chairman and chief legal counsel, said the law “fundamentally changes the sacred relationship between physician and patient that has existed since Hippocrates.

“Under the new rubric, the doctor no longer serves the best interest of the patient but acts as an agent of state policy.

“History is replete with nightmarish examples of what happens when doctors stop healing and act instead to advance ‘the greater good.’ Governments have variously cited that phrase to justify euthanasia of the elderly, mental defectives, homosexuals and other ‘useless eaters’ and to enforce ‘one-child’ policies.

“When governments start practicing medicine, the story never ends well.”

Read the story HERE.

DR. MERYL NASS on How the California law AB2098 fits into the whole-of-society misinformation attack framework

“For patients who want the right to obtain honest information from their physicians and want to have choices regarding their medical treatment, now is the time to speak up. The screws are tightening. This could be your last chance.”


JEFF CHILDERS on Turning the Tide

“Florida broke bad, again, this time by issuing an explosive new advisory RECOMMENDING AGAINST THE COVID INJECTIONS FOR ALL MEN UNDER 40 YEARS OLD.

Florida conducted its OWN analysis of the mortality risk following the jabs.


WARNER MENDENHALL on Blood Money in U.S. Healthcare Financial Incentives: The Use of “Covered Countermeasures.”

“A study describes what we have seen over and over. Hospitals are incentivized to vaccinate, test, diagnose, and admit COVID patients and report COVID-related deaths using add-on bonuses to push treatments such as Remdesivir, dialysis, ventilators, and new “covered countermeasures” approved for COVID. Patients, families, and former hospitalists confirm why hospitals and doctors are threatened and punished for using effective, off-label COVID treatments.”

On October 1, 2022, the Virginia Medical Freedom Alliance (VMFA) hosted “Virginia’s COVID Management: A Public Forum.” Prior to our Dr. Marik’s impassioned talk on Medical Tyranny (begins at 18:40), the VMFA presented an award on behalf of the Commonwealth of Virginia General Assembly to Dr. Marik. The honor went to Dr. Marik for his “life-changing work using his acquired knowledge and wisdom for the benefit of his fellow man. Dr. Marik, you are a hero.” (Video of the award presentation is HERE.)

During his remarks, Dr. Marik warned that vaccine injuries will become a catastrophic problem “the likes of which have never been seen before.” He also told the gathering that in this new era of medical tyranny, evidence-based medicine has become an illusion—having been corrupted by corporate interests, failed regulation and commercialization of academia.


WATCH Steve Kirsch’s recent interview of Dr. Marik, discussing the silencing of doctors who want to speak out about the COVID vaccines.

“My friends who believe the vaccines are safe have told me they would reconsider their position if any of their doctors came out against the vaccine,” said Kirsch, Executive Director of the Vaccine Safety Research Foundation (vacsafety.org). “I told them that doctors are afraid to speak out because they will lose their ability to practice medicine if they challenge the mainstream narrative. They find that too hard to believe. So I wanted to interview a doctor who is very highly respected and who is not an “anti-vaxxer” to explain it to them.”

So Kirsch sat down with Dr. Marik who described the methods used to silence doctors who choose to speak out.

DATES: October 14-16, 2022


  • Conference Fee: $395/per person (includes all presentations, continental breakfast and boxed lunches on Saturday 10/15 and Sunday 10/16)
  • Friday Evening VIP Networking Dinner: $125/per person (featuring Keynote Address by FLCCC co-founders Dr. Pierre Kory and Dr. Paul Marik)

The FLCCC Alliance’s inaugural conference will convene the top experts in the field of pathology, patient evaluation, and treatment of spike-induced diseases. Lectures will focus on the pathogenesis of spike-induced diseases, diagnosing both long COVID and post-vaccine syndromes and the latest, most effective approaches to treatment. The conference will gather some of the nation’s foremost COVID experts and healthcare providers to learn, share and network — and most importantly to drive greater attention and awareness of the increasing number of patients afflicted with post-COVID and post-vaccine chronic conditions, many of whom are not getting treatment today.

On this week’s FLCCC Weekly Webinar, special guest Dr. James Thorp, a Maternal & Fetal Medicine Specialist, discussed how the COVID mRNA vaccines impact a woman’s fertility and reproduction.

“[The COVID vaccines] are the greatest obstetrical disaster known to all humanity.”

(Dr. Thorp will be a speaker at the FLCCC Conference in Orlando, Florida this coming weekend. He will have more to say on the characteristics & management of reproductive issues in women with spike-induced disease.)

Mike and Sarah used ivermectin prophylactically and took all the supplements recommended. They remained healthy through Delta and into Omicron. Then there was a large family gathering, and they both got COVID in August of 2022. But, they were prepared and were both better within 2-3 days. WATCH their story now.

As you may know, the FLCCC staff will be in Orlando, Florida this week, working at the FLCCC’s inaugural education conference. All regular programming and communications will resume next week!

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