Dr. Pierre Kory and investigative journalist Mary Beth Pfeiffer—writing in USA Today 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼—ask what has heretofore been mostly “un-askable” in the public arena:

Why are many more people dying — still— than in the years before the pandemic? And while deaths during COVID-19 had largely occurred among the old and infirm, why is this new wave hitting prime-of-life people so hard?

For many, the answer might be found in the following statistics:

“Life insurance data suggests something happened in the fall of 2021 in workplaces, especially among white-collar workers,” write Kory and Pfeiffer. “These are people whose education, income level and access to health care would predict better outcomes.”

The authors have called for an immediate investigation of these alarming trends. “Without a thorough and collaborative exploration, we can’t know what’s killing us – or how to stop it.”


In a new Substack discussing the USA Today Op-Ed, Dr. Kory writes about WHY the vaccines could not be mentioned in the story:

“Now, the obvious reaction anyone should have after reading our published version is, “Why were the vaccines not mentioned as a possible cause in the article?” If you need me to explain why, I will be brief and blunt: The Op-Ed would NEVER have seen the light of day otherwise. Not in a million years.”

He noted that the fact it got published in mainstream media might be a game-changer. He’s right. In his Substack essay, he made it crystal clear exactly where he stands.

“The only possibilities that could explain such a sudden rise: a series of terrorist attacks, wartime mobilization, or the proliferation of corporate vaccine mandates. As far as I can remember, only one of those events actually took place.”

I believe that readers of the USA Today article have clearly read between the lines—hence their questions as to why the vaccines were never mentioned. The hundreds of FLCCC physicians, nurses and allied professionals that make up this alliance are also stepping forward to say the quiet part out loud. It’s been night for far too long. Daylight is coming. The dawn is crowning. —JK

Can the FDA say or do whatever it pleases without challenge or impunity?
The federal agency seems to think so.

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