On this Memorial Day weekend, we are departing from our traditional FLCCC News Capsule format to reflect upon a key life lesson we’ve learned—with you—along our lifesaving journey.


There is really not a day that goes by when, during the course of my work for the FLCCC, I am not reminded of the following story. It’s a cautionary tale—an important life lesson if you will—that the world must heed.

One day, quite suddenly and without precedent, hundreds upon hundreds of thousands of starfish washed up on a beach. A beachgoer, upon seeing what had occurred — and knowing that time was of the essence — rushed towards the shore, and one by one began to pick up each starfish and gently toss it back into the ocean.

Soon, another man appeared on the beach and called over to the beachgoer who was quickly trying to rescue the starfish who would certainly die if they did not swiftly make it back into the water.

“Hey there!” the man called to the beachgoer. “What do you think you are doing?”

Not stopping to turn around to look at the man because he was so consumed with his task, the beachgoer called back, “These starfish can’t breathe. I am placing them back into the water so they’ll have a chance to survive.”

“You’re on a fool’s errand,” the man shouted back with a smirk. “There are hundreds of thousands—maybe millions—of starfish here. You cannot possibly save them all. What you are doing here will never make a difference!”

The beachgoer stopped for a brief moment. He turned to face the man who called to him. Then he picked up a starfish, and gently tossed it back into the water.

“It made a difference to that one,” the beachgoer told the man as he gestured towards the ocean. “It made a difference to him.” The beachgoer watched lovingly as the starfish started to make its way safely into the open water.

With that, the beachgoer resumed his task with even greater urgency. The man who had called to him turned—and then walked away, still shaking his head.

Even from those very first days following the founding of the FLCCC in March, 2020, it was abundantly clear to our tiny team of ten that saving everyone in the world who would fall ill from the ravages of COVID-19 was an impossibility. We were ten souls—shouting 24/7 in unison at the top of our lungs—to make the world aware, as we were, of the ability of our very first protocol (MATH+)—developed by Dr. Paul Marik, and further refined in collaboration with the FLCCC’s critical care team of physicians—to save millions. Yes, MILLIONS.

The scores of the sick and dying were collecting in horrifying numbers on the beach. And we had both the will—and the way—to save most of those millions. So we arrived on the beach…and saved all we could possibly save while being lashed for months and months with unbearably icy headwinds meant to numb our hands and break our spirit. Those headwinds—wickedly whipped into a ferocious, frigid typhoon by public health agencies already in bed with Big Pharma, corporate interests and the media—were meant to silence any who would dare question their omniscience. (Even if those doing the questioning were some of America’s most highly published, experienced medical experts who were saving mostly ALL of their own critically ill patients.)

Nevertheless, we stayed on the beach. We’ve never left. We couldn’t then and we won’t now. Though the COVID emergency is over, more sick and dying are arriving daily, some with Long COVID, others with debilitating vaccine injury. If we give up, the suffering—and even the dying—will endure. If we stay…the chances for healing and survival soar.

So we’re staying.

But what have we learned? Much. So, so much.

Most importantly, we see with absolute clarity that if only others in positions of power, knowledge, experience and influence had joined us, instead of summarily (and without scientific evidence) decrying the efficacy of both the demonstrably life-saving MATH+ protocol as well as potent, repurposed drugs, the beach would have been safely cleared of the overwhelming majority of the sick and dying. Study after study after study put to rest any question of that happening. From the very beginning, COVID-19 was a completely avoidable humanitarian catastrophe. The coordinated plan to keep these therapies from much of the world resulted in the senseless murder of millions. 

True science is incapable of lying.

True science is incapable of lying.

Last week, I saw a comment on social media that caught my attention. The person was responding to a post about our Dr. Pierre Kory’s appearance before the European Parliament in Brussels two weeks ago. Dr. Kory testified to the parliament about catastrophic loss of human life that occurred needlessly during the pandemic through (verifiable) global, systematic censorship, falsification of medical studies, persecution of medical providers, the demonization of repurposed drugs and slanderous articles.

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