It was “one of the greatest public health achievements in history” and it happened just last year. Remember? What? You don’t? Oh wait. Yeah. Right. You didn’t know about it because those with the power and inclination to pull the strings of major media made certain you didn’t hear a thing about it.

Oh come on, FLCCC, is that really such a big deal?

You bet your life it is.

Dr. Pierre Kory’s BOMB$HELL Substack seriesThe Miracle Not-Heard Around The World: The Success of Uttar Pradesh — just published this week — rips away the $hroud that effectively concealed, $ilenced and cen$ored this remarkable public health $ucce$$…subsequently causing millions of people around the world to perish unnecessarily from COVID. Was your loved one among them? Tragically, it’s not only possible. It’s LIKELY.

The FLCCC — along with many other expert physicians and healthcare groups around the world — tried to sound the alarm…telling people how they could get out of the way of the speeding COVID train barreling towards them — and save themselves. But sadly, few could hear them (or the train) over the deafening and ever-rising din of hypnotic tropes chanted by government/Big Pharma urging people to disbelieve anything they hear about COVID treatment — other than what they hear from THEM.

Above all, they warned the world that, “thou shalt not say ‘ivermectin’”— when ivermectin was in fact the key component that helped save close to 230 million people in the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh at the height of the pandemic. But it’s highly likely that you didn’t know about that. (You don’t $eriou$ly have to a$k why, do you?)

Dr. Kory writes: “While Uttar Pradesh was “quietly” eradicating COVID, India adopted ivermectin nationally to combat the disastrous Delta wave. The impact of that decision is the world’s 2nd biggest criminal secret.”

So here is what we hope YOU will do ASAP:

After reading Dr. Kory’s essays that shine a white hot spotlight on these demonstrable crimes against humanitySHARE them on your social media platforms.

But then go a step further.

“TARGET-SHARE” Dr. Kory’s essays…

…To your local newspaper reporters, editors, opinion writers, and publishers. To your local TV stations, anchors and reporters. To your local radio station talk hosts and news centers. To the podcasters you listen to. To your doctor, nurse-practitioners, healthcare professionals, clinic and/or hospital administrators. To all you can.

You might begin your outreach to local media targets by saying something like this:

“I am contacting you because I believe that my (friend, loved one, teacher, minister, neighbor, co-worker, hair stylist, veterinarian, trainer, etc.) died from COVID unnecessarily on (date)—primarily because major media neither published nor trumpeted the science and real-world data showing that COVID was treatable, and that people did not have to die from it. In fact, in an Indian state of more than 230 million people, COVID was virtually eradicated at the height of the pandemic by adhering to the science that their leaders, WEARY OF CORRUPTION, chose to follow. It’s all HERE and HERE and HERE. But you reported nothing of this when it was there for you to see. Maybe the news was in the press releases you received but then ignored because they came from sources labeled as “fringe” by the government agencies you had come to wor$hip…but whose censorship turned out to be the cause of untold deaths? At the very least, read the essays. And if it turns out that you regret not reading or publishing the press releases meant to save humanity across the globe, will you say so publicly? I really hope so. And I hope you will grant me the courtesy of a response.”


Yogi Adityanath, Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh.

From Michael and Teresa Capuzzo’s extraordinary Substack, Rescue on what Dr. Kory means when he says we’re now living in a “Clown World.

“Clown World” is the phrase for our altered reality, coined by president and covid treatment pioneer Dr. Pierre Kory. The truly unfunny thing about Clown World is the predictable, grotesque collapse of medical competency when brilliant doctors surrender decades of healing knowledge and intuition about disease and about you to dumbed-down one-size-fits-all government-big pharma rules. In this essay, Dr. Kory looks into his crystal ball to see what Paxlovid and Clown World mean for Democrats and the historic importance of the coming Make-Doctors-Great-Again elections for the survival of a freedom-loving America—and the survival of doctors.

Read Red Wave Ahead HERE.