In March of 2022, baseless allegations from an unqualified source were publicly made on social media and to the CHEST Journal, claiming intentional statistical errors in the 2017 peer-reviewed study led by Dr. Marik entitled “Hydrocortisone, Vitamin C, and Thiamine for the Treatment of Severe Sepsis and Septic Shock: A Retrospective Before-After Study.” After receiving the complaint, the CHEST Journal launched a thorough review of the study that lasted almost one year.

“If you challenge the narrative and show that your treatment is actually efficacious, safer, and cheaper than that being promoted by the CDC, the NIH, the federal government, you are an enemy of the state and they were going to do whatever they could to take me down,” Dr. Marik told Dr. Joseph Mercola in a sweeping new interview that outlines Dr. Marik’s new vision for healthcare.

However, last week, Dr. Marik received a letter from the journal stating that the investigation found no errors in the methodology as cited by the allegations. The journal affirmed its publication of Dr. Marik’s landmark research that pioneered the use of intravenous Vitamin C to treat medical sepsis.

“This is a major breakthrough,” said Dr. Marik. “We were fighting against enormous forces. They were determined to take me down with baseless allegations of scientific fraud. My whole professional career and integrity was at stake — and they failed.”

In an emotional video—and with voices breaking— Dr. Marik spoke with Dr. Pierre Kory about the enormous implications of the decision by CHEST to uphold the findings in the study—and by extension, the whole of Dr. Marik’s (and the FLCCC’s) scientific integrity.

“The journal found no evidence of any ethical concerns,” Dr. Kory told Dr. Marik. “There has been endless persecution from everywhere. They tried to take you down. It didn’t work. We are going to keep going.”

The brotherly bond between these two physicians—both titans of medicine— has been forged by seemingly insurmountable armies arrayed against them. Relentless battles over the course of three years have indeed taken an unsparing toll on both of these heroes. But this moment of clear victory is sweet because, as Dr. Kory reminds us, “It restores a little bit of faith and trust that there are good people out there trying to be fair.”

And so we soldier on…for patients’ lives the world over.

Over 170 physicians from throughout the country have signed a letter demanding that the American Board of Family Medicine reinstate the Board Certification of Dr. John Littell.

They write, in part:

“As physicians and scientists we note with concern the disciplinary action by the American Board of Family Medicine, dated March 16, 2023, suspending the board certification of John Littell, MD, justifying this arbitrary and unwarranted action on the grounds that Dr. Littell allegedly disseminated “medical misinformation” via public channels. The ABFM’s letter notifying Dr. Littell of the disciplinary action not only fails to demonstrate adequate grounds for such punishment, but is itself riddled with scientific errors and inaccuracies, which could be considered “medical misinformation” in their own right. In drawing your attention to these misstatements and false claims, we request an immediate reinstatement of Dr. Littell’s board certification as well as a public apology to Dr. Littell, whose long service as a conscientious clinician is reflected in his sterling professional reputation.”

The FLCCC stands behind this letter — and Dr. Littell — without hesitation. This letter is important to share as widely as possible…so please do so if you can. Thanks.