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The FLCCC News Capsule —March 13, 2022

Published On: March 13, 2022|
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Under a plan proposed by the White House this week, consumers would be able to be tested at a pharmacy, and then immediately given one of two new designer antiviral drugs—free—by a pharmacist—if the results are positive. While some have said that the new early treatment plan is a “breakthrough,” others say it is dangerous since the medicines (Pfizer’s Paxlovid or Merck and Ridgeback Biotherapeutics’ molnupiravir) are contraindicated for some people because of known drug interactions, dangerous side effects, and limited study data on both drugs.

It is stunning that these new drugs will be administered by pharmacists WITHOUT physician consultation—especially given the complexities of drug interactions and other contraindications. Many will likely be the same pharmacists who have refused to fill physicians’ prescriptions for ivermectin.

Exactly when did pharmacists become authorized to PRESCRIBE the medicines they were meant only to dispense on doctors’ orders?

(Note: The physicians of the FLCCC have been pushing for early treatment for nearly two years, using multi-modal protocols based on ivermectin—one of the world’s cheapest, most efficacious and safest drugs ever brought to market. Only now, when two new, barely tested and high-priced designer drugs have come to market, have health authorities signed on to the value of early treatment. Had they promoted early treatment months ago, instead of telling people to go home and wait until their lips turned blue to present to the hospital, hundreds of thousands of Americans would still be alive today. That statement is borne out by myriad studies.

In their new Substack essay on Rescue with Michael Capuzzo, authors Linda Bonvie and Bill Bonvie tell a tale that should send shivers up the spines of every reader. In a recent “Request for Information,” the U.S. Surgeon General asked the public—along with big tech—to turn in doctors and neighbors for spreading COVID ‘misinformation.’

The authors write:

“In a government proclamation that should be setting off alarm bells for anyone who values the rights guaranteed to Americans under the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution—which unequivocally states that “Congress shall make no law… abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press”—the Biden Administration is now apparently endeavoring to sidestep that Constitutional safeguard via an official request from the Office of the Surgeon General for anyone who feels they have been impacted in any manner by “misinformation” regarding the pandemic to report it in detail to the authorities. It would also like this effort to be aided and abetted by “major tech platforms,” according to The New York Times.

“In other words, the people who run our Ministry of Medicine want names.”

Read the entire article HERE.

This is just the latest in a series of postings on ‘The Digger’ (aka producer/director Phil Harper) exposing the shocking machinations and the backdoor wheeling and dealing of a broken system—the one that made it possible to prevent ivermectin from saving lives, just so that other, more profitable (and scientifically proven to be more dangerous) designer drugs could take make bank.

This week, Harper also revealed the name of the person who could have edited the conclusions of a paper—with data showing IVM’s efficacy across many studies. Those conclusions (NOT the data) led to the WHO’s non-recommendation of the use of ivermectin. That decision could have caused the unnecessary deaths of millions across the world. Harper appeared on the FLCCC’s Weekly Webinar to tell his riveting story.

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Members of The People’s Convoy were praised this week by two senators as “fighting for freedom” and “awakening Americans.”

FLCCC President and Chief Medical Officer Dr. Pierre Kory traveled with the convoy for four days to support the truckers in a nationwide protest against vaccine mandates, the continuation of the COVID-19 national emergency, and other issues. “We are calling attention to a critical ill in society,” they said, saying the emergency declaration “is propagating policies which have hurt America.”

“There is no scientific or medical justification for any of these mandates,” Dr. Kory continued. “The convoy represents all people who want their freedoms back. This includes doctors & healthcare workers.”

Read about it HERE.

In this video, Dr. Been breaks down the Miami ivermectin study, which has been withdrawn by the authors (but still appears in the journal!). He also discusses the way some of the authors have been attacking others for not using the information from their withdrawn study correctly.

“This isn’t just a flawed study. It is a flawed, BAD study.” noted Dr. Been.

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