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FLCCC | Front Line COVID-19 Critical Care Alliance

The FLCCC News Capsule —April 10, 2022

Published On: April 10, 2022|
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This first section of this week’s news capsule is one you might wish to bookmark for when you have a chunk of time to yourself. But if now’s a good time for you to dive in, put on your scuba gear. We’re taking a deep dive so you can see how the New England Journal of Medicine — and the deferential media that has become subservient to an orchestrated COVID-19 narrative—have once again conspired to deceive. Deceptions—while loathsome indeed—can often be benign in their impact. But this? Uh…NO. THIS is an unchecked, vicious malignancy that can only be surmounted by a steady truth drip. So here we go.

  • Start HERE. This is a chronicle of every flaw that has been uncovered (to date) in the FLAW-dulent TOGETHER trial. Knowingly including —and subsequently submitting— corrupted data and protocols in such a well-publicized and critical trial constitutes something other than mere “flaws.” It’s called FRAUD. Fraud that has been perpetrated on every person on the planet and abetted by one of the most venerated medical journals on the planet. The New England Journal of Medicine (NEJM).
  • The NEJM did not retract their study. Nor did the New York Times retract or amend its story which relied on fraudulent data. They gleefully screamed out the headline that ivermectin did not impact COVID hospitalizations—though had they taken the time to read and analyze the data, they would have known that the trial actually showed a BENEFIT for the use of ivermectin.
The TOGETHER Trial actually showed a BENEFIT for the use of ivermectin in COVID. Yet this is the headline that the world will long remember.
Innumerable flaws in the Together Trial have been pointed out by a myriad of scientific and medical experts. They are summarized here.
  • Once you have reviewed the study (whose myriad flaws pointed out by numerous scientific experts are summarized in the image above), it would be an act of great humanitarianism to write to Carl Zimmer, the author of the story in the Times. ([email protected]) The humanitarian part comes in when you SHARE your letter on social media with the hashtag #TogetherFail. Maybe Mr. Zimmer does not yet know his story is standing on a firm foundation of flimsy feathers. Help him out, OK?
  • Author Daniel Horowitz’s article is a must-read. “[The media] know that this paper is so riddled with problems that anything else that is not narrative-protected would have been rejected on these grounds.”
  • On Substack, Alexandros Marinos writes that,  there was “no mention of ivermectin in the exclusion criteria…This one issue is probably sufficient to disqualify the study on its own, unless there has been an obvious omission in the materials shared. People taking ivermectin may have been in the control group. Dr. Ed Mills (the trial lead) had indicated there isn’t much ivermectin use in the general community in Brazil and stated that the half-life was so short for ivermectin that it shouldn’t be a major concern. In fact, ivermectin is easily available over the counter in Brazil, was recommended by the government, and there are reports from the time of the trial reporting 9x growth in sales around the area of the trial.
  • Dr. Tess Lawrie of Bath, England—Director of E-BMC Ltd, and E-BMCsquared CiC, a community interest research company—is often referred to as the world’s “The Conscience of Medicine”. She reports that the overall estimate of the effect of ivermectin on mortality from COVID suggests an average 55% reduction in deaths for the group that received ivermectin compared with those that did not. “Whenever new trial data comes along, as with the Together trial, it is essential to put it in context,” writes Dr. Lawrie. “That is, it must be evaluated in relation to all the relevant and reliable evidence available.” Indeed.
  • Watch the April 6 FLCCC Weekly Update. During the program, Dr. Pierre Kory and Dr. Flavio Cadegiani walked viewers through the litany of flaws and frauds in the trial.
  • Slides for the webinar
  • The New England Journal of Medicine publication link
  • The Together Trial website
The trial’s lead researcher, Dr. Ed Mills, now says the TOGETHER trial shows ivermectin WORKS in COVID. Where is the NYT’s coverage of that???

Today (Sunday, April 10), the FLCCC is participating in a day-long Defeat the Mandates Rally in Los Angeles.

From DefeattheMandatesUS.com

“Thankfully some mandates are dropping across the country, but there are still vaccine mandates that persist in schools, colleges, businesses, hospitals, and corporations. Restrictions on doctors who treat COVID, censorship by Big Tech, the unnecessary COVID-19 vaccination of children, silencing of scientific debate, and the extension of the Emergency Powers Act beyond March 1st for the coronavirus pandemic are a few of the main concerns.”

Check out this short clip of Dr. Kory in a pre-event interview with the Vaccine Safety Research Foundation. Follow the event entire event (12PM-8PM PST) HERE.

The Tennessee General Assembly (House & Senate) passed legislation last week that would allow ivermectin for human use to be sold and dispensed to patients over the counter, including for treatment against COVID-19. Senate Bill 2188 also provides protection against liability or disciplinary actions for any pharmacist or provider prescribing ivermectin.

Hmmm…Tennessee is especially beautiful this time of year. Medical freedom is in full bloom.

Excerpt of an extraordinary letter from Kansas State Senator Mark B. Steffen, M.D. to Kansas healthcare providers regarding the care of COVID-19 patients:

“The standard of [COVID] care is early treatment with FDA-approved medications regardless of their labeled uses. Failure to treat will now be considered wanton disregard.”

This is incredible, like a damn breaking (or a crack forming). Big move by Kansas. Someone gets it. A lot of people get it. But many don’t. Kansas and Florida leading the way to early treatment. People are coming around to the Truth. Finally.”—Dr. Pierre Kory


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