• Published On: November 6, 2023

    After 27 years of practicing as a GP, Trinh fell afoul of the medical regulator’s strict rules around COVID treatment, leading to the suspension of her medical registration. Trinh is now fighting to have her registration restored and for the ‘COVID lies’ to be properly investigated.

  • Published On: September 13, 2023

    A retired integrative and naturopathic practitioner from down under tells how he shared life-saving information with family, friends and former patients.

  • Published On: April 20, 2023

    In August 2022, after battling an extreme flare-up of ME, a friend suggested ivermectin to Jenni-May. Over the next few months, her health improved from 30% to 50%. She took ivermectin again in December 2022, when she contracted COVID, and by day 10 she was in the best health she had been in for many years. She’s now at 90% and is totally thrilled and grateful to be experiencing this level of quality of life. Watch this lovely MyStory now.