We were “shocked-not-shocked” on Tuesday when YouTube laid out some updates to its so-called “medical misinformation policy.”

As you might imagine, the noose just got tighter on what YouTube believes to be “harmful” claims about COVID-19, vaccines and cancer treatments.

Harmful? Really? Let’s play that out for a moment.

One such “harmful claim” that was wiped from social media during the pandemic was that “ivermectin is effective for the prevention and treatment of every phase of COVID-19 disease.” It was censored because ivermectin was getting in the way of achieving the successful roll-out of the vaccine. (More on that in just a moment.)

The tremendous amount of data —scientific, medical and epidemiological—showing that ivermectin was saving nearly every patient who used it in countries throughout the world where it was not shoved into a dark corner…was censored. This kept people from knowing how to save themselves. So many, many people died who did not need to die at all.

When the vaccines were rolled out, and millions of people began to experience vaccine injuries, talking about it on social media would get you the boot. Meanwhile, the vaccine injured were left to twist in the wind, not knowing how to help themselves when there were doctors who knew just how to help them. People suffered when they did not have to.

And now, with so many young people dying in such alarming numbers since the start of 2021, anyone even implying a causal relationship between the vaccines and the skyrocketing death rate can quickly become buzzard meat on social media.

What are we doing? How did we even get here in a country that purports to value human life above all else? When did we ever allow profits to overtake the value of human life? And how are we allowing the incessant trampling of the sacred First Amendment with these seriously wicked, life-threatening edicts across many social media channels???

To one and all….unite.

“Restricting speech and information to only that which is consistent with supposed ‘medical authorities’ concentrates the control of information to a limited number of entities with already immense and now even greater powers,” said FLCCC President Dr. Pierre Kory in a recent post by Children’s Health Defense (CHD). “This policy is dangerous because ‘they’ want to control all information, and this is one way in which they will accomplish it.”

Dr. Harvey Risch, professor emeritus and senior research scientist in epidemiology (chronic diseases) at the Yale School of Public Health also spoke to CHD and said that “official” medical or health agency consensus opinions are useless and only serve to damage science and thus to damage medical care. “Science does not progress by consensus. Science is rough-and-tumble. It progresses by new evidence that updates and upends consensus.”

YouTube says it will streamline its existing medical misinformation guidelines into three categories: Prevention, Treatment, and Denial.

“These policies will apply to specific health conditions, treatments, and substances where content contradicts local health authorities or the World Health Organization (WHO),” YouTube stated.

So, who needs robust scientific debate when we have YouTube sitting on high and directing health care information traffic? “Hey everyone. We’ll determine what you can see and read about medicine and health….and everything else. Now scram.”


The FLCCC was banned from YouTube a couple of years ago. Then, we were devastated. Now, we wear it as a badge of honor. That’s because we know now that the majority of videos or podcasts that remain on YouTube containing information for the treatment of COVID, Long COVID, vaccines and repurposed drugs for all diseases are peddling “consensus” science. Well, it’s NOT consensus since so many highly respected physicians and medical providers across the continents disagree. You just won’t hear their voices on YouTube—ours included.

But we stand strong. Though we are silenced on YouTube — and continue to be vilified in major media — we will still engage in vigorous scientific debate— and champion real, scrupulous scientific evidence—inconvenient as it may be to the official narrative. That’s the reason most of you reading this have come to trust that the FLCCC will never lose sight of its mission goal: To save lives using reproducible scientific data and medical evidence to bring you the safest and most effective opportunities for optimal wellness throughout your life.—JK

Dr. Meryl Nass—an unstoppable warrior for medical freedom— filed suit this week against the Maine Board of Licensure in Medicine and its individual members. In the suit, she alleges that the board violated her First Amendment rights as well as her rights under the Maine Constitution.

The complaint alleges the board engaged in retaliatory conduct against Nass —a practicing internal medicine physician and scientific advisor to the Children’s Health Defense (CHD)—when the board suspended her medical license for publicly expressing her dissenting views on official COVID-19 policies, the COVID-19 vaccine and alternative treatments.

“The two primary complaints against me were that my statements were misleading and that I was prescribing drugs off-label,” said Dr. Nass. “My speech — which I should note, was not simply opinion, it was an educated opinion developed after consulting the medical literature — is protected by the First Amendment.”

Children’s Health Defense (CHD) is providing legal assistance to mount Dr. Nass’s suit against the Maine Medical Board. “The board and its members have deprived Dr. Nass of her license and livelihood for over a year with no basis whatsoever,” noted CHD President Mary Holland. “This kind of censorship, intimidation and punishment of doctors of conscience must stop.”

Dr. Nass says that the Maine Medical Board did not target her because she committed any violation. She contends there was another reason for going after her with such vengeance.

“They did it beca