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Wednesday’s FLCCC Weekly Webinar was among the most important webinars we have ever presented. It marked the live introduction of Dr. Marik’s landmark Cancer Care monograph.

Appearing with our Dr. Mobeen Syed (a member of the Cancer Care monograph research team) and host Betsy Ashton, Dr. Marik led a discussion of his intensive review of over 1200 studies —in consultation with dozens of experts— that led to the development and publication of the monograph.

This breakthrough monograph demonstrates the efficacy of repurposed drugs and nutraceuticals that can help prevent, control and in some cases, cure cancers.

“I just had to do it,” said Dr. Marik. “What I found was truly astonishing. Sixty to eighty percent of cancers are preventable and there are hundreds of repurposed drugs that have some level of effectiveness at various stages of the treatment process. This drove me with a passion to get this project done.”



“People are dying needlessly.”

These were the very first words we ever spoke publicly as an organization. It was early April of 2020—when COVID-19 slammed across American shores with unprecedented ruthlessness.

They were the words of Dr. Paul Marik who, along with the FLCCC’s newly constituted critical care team, knew just how to stop the dying. But no one—not elected officials, public health agencies or the media—cared to listen.

As a scientifically verifiable result, millions died needlessly.

Then, in November of 2020, when Dr. Marik became the first to scientifically codify the strong data signal for the efficacy of ivermectin to prevent and treat every phase of COVID-19 disease, it was time for Big Pharma, corporate interests, public health officials and legacy media to activate their vicious, coordinated campaign of censorship, defamation and persecution. They successfully prosecuted a war on ivermectin and other repurposed drugs in order to preserve, protect and defend the mega-profits that would soon be birthed by the “shots-in-arms-even-though-they-weren’t-safe” vaccines.

As a scientifically verifiable result, millions died needlessly.

Dr. Marik spoke these words again during Wednesday’s webinar.

“People are dying needlessly.”

This time, his words referred to cancer. The humanitarian focus of the FLCCC demands that we do something about it—because we can. Much of the voluminous—and likely lifesaving—research contained in Dr. Marik’s cancer monograph has existed for years…but it was locked away and sacrificed at the altar of noxious greed. But now, the FLCCC brings to bear one of the world’s preeminent academic giants to lead this mission of global grace.

Of note, Dr. Marik’s H-index—which is based on the set of a scientist’s most cited papers and the number of citations that they have received in other publications—is 110. This is a phenomenal number. By comparison, at 20 years, a “successful scientist” would have an H-index of 20. An “outstanding scientist” would have an H-index of 40. But a “truly unique” scientific researcher would have an H-index of 60. So at an H-index of 110, what is  Dr. Marik? He is inarguably an incomparable scientific researcher.

The FLCCC is first and foremost a humanitarian organization. It is the core principle upon which we were founded and the one that drives every dimension of our work. Our humanitarian focus demands that we take action to help the citizens of the world avoid unnecessary death…whether it be from COVID-19, cancer, diabetes, sepsis, heart disease, poor nutrition, or any other threat to human life and health that can be thwarted through authentic, indisputable science, strict academic morality, and patient/provider education.

It is our goal — in perpetuity — to use our resources to rescue every life we can. —JK