Authors: Classen JB


Many have argued that the outbreak of COVID-19 is the result of the release of a viral based bioweapon. Vaccines
to COVID-19 have been developed and a policy of universal immunization has been initiated with total disregard to the fact that the virus may be a bioweapon. The potential risk of a catastrophe exists in part because all the vaccines contain the spike protein and or the mRNA/DNA encoding for the COVID-19 associated spike protein. These vaccines were designed and placed on the market with little knowledge of how the spike protein or its nucleic acid causes disease and without knowledge of long-term adverse effects of the vaccines. This paper reviews many of the potential long-term risks that could result from receiving one of the COVID-19 vaccines. The potential for the spike protein and its mRNA to cause prion disease is reviewed as well as reasons why the vaccine could be much more dangerous than the natural infection. Adenoviral derived COVID-19 vaccines are particularly risky because of their potential to recombine with human DNA or viruses already in the human recipient. The result could be new infectious adenoviral species containing spike proteins that could infect humans and farm animals used for food. Some of the COVID-19 vaccines utilize novel technology including nanotechnology and novel adjuvants that increase intracellular penetration of cells and can potentially exacerbate chronic toxicity from the spike protein. Governments should consider suspending sale of the COVID-19 vaccines until they have a better understanding of their risks.

Keywords: COVID-19, Immunization, Vaccines, Bioweapon.