Dr. Yusuf (JP) Saleeby charts the course on patient-first medicine

FLCCC Alliance Clinical Advisor and host of the ‘Whole Body Health’ series Dr. Yusuf (JP) Saleeby is a pioneer and visionary of the emerging healthcare model that he believes will eventually replace our current “sickcare” system. Based on his Emergency Medicine experience and Becker’s Hospital Review data on frequent hospital closings and management layoffs, Saleeby believes the hospital and medical system as it exists today is unsustainable and that a complete overhaul is needed. As founder of Priority Health Academy (PHA), Saleeby is doing his part to usher in the new medical paradigm, which he ambitiously believes could be up and running parallel to our current system within 12-24 months.

After a few years in emergency medicine in the early ’90s, Saleeby realized that there were gaps in his training that didn’t allow for the successful chronic disease treatment of repeat ER patients. He sought effective ways to fill the gaps in his training and to successfully treat more patients. He eventually designed his own curriculum after joining a few integrative organizations and attending several conferences. He started his private functional medicine practice in 1999, as a complement to his work in the ER. In 2012, he left the ER and turned his attention to his practice full time.

Since 2014, Saleeby has been training healthcare professionals on his team. He later created a playbook for practitioners to learn to set up their own practices and avoid the costly mistakes that he made.

“Moving away from an insurance model is key, both for patients and practitioners,” Saleeby stated. “Now that I don’t take insurance or Medicare, I can spend an hour with each of my patients.”

Saleeby is part of the Crow Nation’s First Nation Medical Board (FNMB), which allows him to practice as a Certified Tribal Practitioner within the private medical association (PMA) without the heavy-handed, oft-compromised restrictions of government agencies, insurance companies, and medical specialty boards.

Saleeby is partnering with Dr. Joseph Varon, Dr. Avery Jackson, Dr. David Vella, Dr. Peter McCullough, and Dr. Richard Amerling, among others, on developing medical education models outside the traditional system, including apprenticeships, residencies, and certifications. He imagines exposing new healthcare models to future practitioners after undergraduate school, and even as early as after high school.

Saleeby also envisions an educational model that tears down the artificial boundaries between different discipline specialties—e.g., MDs, DOs, naturopaths (NDs), and chiropractors (DCs)—and allows healthcare professionals to learn from one another. “We are all healers,” said Saleeby, “and that’s what we need to call ourselves.”

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