At the FLCCC, we receive stories from people around the world every dayI telling us about their experiences with COVID-19. It is our joy to share many of those stories of people and loved ones who were saved by using the FLCCC’s treatment protocols in our “MyStory” video series. These stories have inspired millions, and we will continue to bring them to you.

But not all of the stories we receive have happy endings.

For those other stories — including the ones that ended tragically — we have created a new video series entitled, “For the Record.” These stories must be shared. They must be heard—because taken together, they will create a historical, testimonial record of the consequential and monumental moral, ethical, and medical failings of the government, public health agencies, corporate interests, pharmaceutical companies, major media, social networks and others to protect the lives of patients during the COVID-19 pandemic. These stories point to the scientific data and medical evidence that could have saved those who needlessly lost their lives. There is little question that it was the pursuit of profits and control by powerful entities that demonized and mocked the lifesaving protocols using repurposed drugs— in favor of lethal mRNA injections (masquerading as “vaccinations”) and Big Pharma’s novel therapeutics with hefty price tags.

Watch what happened to Tony in this soul-searing episode of “For the Record.” Tony went to the hospital for oxygen. He was admitted, but not immediately given the oxygen. His wife Patty was kept away for five days. Patty and Tony’s heartbreaking battle against inhumane hospital protocols is now on the record.

Are we the only ones who feel this video, and others like it, should one day (and hopefully soon) find their way into a courtroom as evidence of the crimes that have been committed?

In a new essay, Dr. James Thorp, a keynote speaker at the recent FLCCC Medical Education Conference, said this about giving COVID injections to pregnant women:

This IS the greatest disaster in the history of obstetrics and all of medicine. I testify that this unwarranted experimental gene therapy was NEVER indicated in pregnancy and was perpetrated unlawfully and with falsified data.

Dr. Thorp continued, saying that, “Multiple independent experts have published on the severe adverse effects of the “vaccine” in pregnancy and in the VAERS report (herehereherehere). Our recent publication documents unequivocal danger signals from the VAERS report using the Influenza vaccinations over the past 284 months as a control group compared to that of the COVID-19 “inoculations” in just 18 months. Proportional reporting ratios (PRR) far exceed the CDC FDA danger signal of 2 in this study as follows:

1)    Increase in menstrual abnormalities increased by 1192-fold

2)    Increase in miscarriage (spontaneous abortion) by 75-fold

3)    Increase in fetal malformation by 20-fold

4)    Increase in fetal cardiac disease by 16-fold

5)    Increase in fetal growth restriction by 25-fold

6)    Increase in oligohydramnios (low amniotic fluid) by 16-fold

7)    Increase in preeclampsia by 24-fold

8)    Increase in Fetal death by 38-fold.

Read the stunning essay in its entirety HERE.

A pandemic amnesty? NOT SO FAST.

It is understandable that, in the fullness of hindsight, those who pushed for severely restrictive pandemic policies are now eager to avoid blowback. Emily Oster’s now notorious essay in The Atlantic went so far as to call for “pandemic amnesty,” arguing that the proponents and enforcers of lockdowns and mandates were well-intentioned and should be forgiven.

Writing in the Washington Times, our Dr. Pierre Kory responded, saying that, “Even in the fog of a once-in-a-century pandemic, these decisions were not just borne of inexpert and incorrect scientific knowledge but rather driven by a rush to push a medical agenda.”

“Government agencies stuck with their unceasing policy recommendations that were increasingly divorced from the science,” wrote Dr. Kory.

Our view? Full confessions and robust apologies must come before any talk of “amnesty”.