This is a guest post from Dr. Yusuf (JP) Saleeby,  a functional medicine specialist who has been practicing for 28 years. He graduated from Medical College of Georgia School of Medicine in 1991 and specializes in functional medicine, internal medicine and more.  

Dr. Pierre Kory of the FLCCC gave a lecture to huge audiences in Australia in February 2023. He presented the truth about ivermectin and how 95 clinical trials show it was helpful in fighting the SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) virus. Although ivermectin was one of only a few repurposed drugs found to be useful during the pandemic, much of mainstream medicine turned a blind eye to its use and all mainstream media attacked the drug viciously and without merit.

Now it turns out that the vaccines and other new drugs have fallen short on efficacy and safety.  In this case, new is not better.  Ivermectin is one of the safest drugs on the planet with a track record of more than 40 years and billions of prescriptions worldwide.  Its anti-parasitic and antiviral properties work against the S-spike protein of the new coronavirus.  On a mid-February 2023 episode podcast from the FLCCC Weekly Webinar, Dr. Kory discusses the data.

Another shameful example was in Sarasota, Florida. Dr. John Littell was removed from a medical board meeting of the hospital system in which he worked for expressing his opinion on ivermectin.  He was essentially censored by medical and non-medical members of the executive committee.  When in medicine is there no option for an open frank discussion and debate?  If given a chance, Dr. Littell would have shared good data on ivermectin’s effectiveness along with his observational reporting.

At least in the state of Florida, which is at the tip of the spear in calling for an investigation of Pfizer for the harmful vaccine, I am hoping Governor DeSantis and his Attorney General and Surgeon General Dr. Ladapo open an investigation regarding the incident at the board meeting at the Sarasota Memorial Hospital to better understand these egregious and nefarious errors.  This could be the start of an awakening in other states and eventually the country as to what has been going on for the past several decades in medicine. Never in my 30 years of practicing medicine have I ever seen such disrespect for fellow doctors by the ‘’machine.” It has become the new norm.  The bio-medical-industrial-complex (BMIC), our government, the pharmaceutical industry, the insurance industry, and corporate big hospital and healthcare systems, comprise this machine. The BMIC strives to profit at the expense of patients and clinicians who suffer.  We are overdue for a total clean-up and removal of the sociopathic criminals who run this machine.

There are several groups throughout the United States (and globally) that are pressing for change.  At the grassroots level, I established The Priority Health Academy, which offers training for all clinicians wishing to learn about a more holistic and integrative approach to healthcare delivery.  Additionally, we have created a licensing agreement to establish new centers of excellence, divorced from the BMIC, to save healthcare in America.  For more on this visit:

To save ourselves, our livelihood, and our patients, doctors must rise up, peacefully, and regain control of the reins of power.  We have slowly lost control since the 1970s.  The time is now to take back control and change our broken-down money-grab medical system to a new paradigm of well-care.

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